Terms & Abbreviations

CBDChemical and Biological DefenseBranch
CSVComma Separated ValuesOther
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects AgencyBranch
DHSUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityAgency
DLADefense Logistics AgencyBranch
DMEADefense MicroElectronics ActivityBranch
DNDODomestic Nuclear Detection OfficeBranch
DoDUnited States Department of DefenseAgency
DOEUnited States Department of EnergyAgency
DOTUnited States Department of TransportationAgency
DTRADefense Threat Reduction AgencyBranch
EDUnited States Department of EducationAgency
EPAEnvironmental Protection AgencyAgency
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsOther
FASTFederal And State TechnologyOther
FIPSFederal Information Processing StandardsOther
FISMAFederal Information Security ManagementOther
HHSUnited States Department of Health and Human ServicesAgency
IESInstitute of Education SciencesBranch
MDAMissile Defense AgencyBranch
NASANational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAgency
NCESNational Center for Education StatisticsBranch
NGANational Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyBranch
NIHNational Institutes of HealthBranch
NISTNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyBranch
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationBranch
NSFNational Science FoundationAgency
ORTAOffice of Research and Technology ApplicationsBranch
OSDOffice of the Secretary of DefenseBranch
OSERSOffice of Special Education and Rehabilitative ServicesBranch
POCPoint of ContactOther
R&DResearch & DevelopmentOther
S&TScience and Technology DirectorateOther
SBAUnited States Small Business AdministrationAgency
SBCSmall Business ConcernOther
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research programOther
SOCOMSpecial Operations CommandBranch
STTRSmall Business Technology Transfer programOther
TECH-NetTechnology Resources NetworkOther
USAFUnited States Air ForceBranch
USDAUnited States Department of AgricultureAgency
XMLeXtensible Markup LanguageOther