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Company Information:

Address: 100 POLY DRIVE, SUITE 150
Billings, MT 59101 0112
Located in HUBZone: No
Woman-Owned: No
Minority-Owned: No
Phone: (406) 294-2995

Award Totals:

Program/Phase Award Amount ($) Number of Awards
SBIR Phase I $170,000.00 2
SBIR Phase II $400,000.00 1

Award List:

Seedster Technology for more Seed Recovery, less impurities, and faster ground speed harvesting camelina and canola for biodiesel feedstock

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2008 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: USDA
Principal Investigator: Lee Arbuckle, President
Award Amount: $80,000.00
Native Seedsters, Inc will test patented technology to recover camelina seed (Camelina sativa). Seedster principles appear apt for camelina. The Seedster counter-rotating brush and a combing drum form a `pinch point'. The comb teeth position seed stems. The brush dislodges seed and few impurities.… More

Feasibility Test of Seedster Technology to Improve Quantity and Quality of Carrot and Yarrow Seed

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2010 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: USDA
Principal Investigator: F. L. Arbuckle, President/CEO
Award Amount: $90,000.00
The production of hybrid carrot seed is difficult because of the indeterminacy of ripening and the tendency to shatter mature seeds. The umbel (flat-top cluster) inflorescences (seedheads) of carrots mature sequentially over a 3-4 week period. The primary (king) umbel matures first, followed by the… More

Seedster Technology for More Seed Recovery, Less Impurities and Faster Ground Speed Harvesting Camelina for Biodiesel Feedstock

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2010 / SBIR / Phase II
Agency: USDA
Principal Investigator: Lee Arbuckle, President/CEO
Award Amount: $400,000.00
Camelina seed production is expanding throughout the semi-arid portion of the wheat belt and is proposed for intercropping between rows in vineyards and nut orchards. These markets and the market need for small maneuverable harvesters for research plots and breeder blocks have created a need for an… More