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Company Information:

Name: Creare Incorporated
Address: 16 Great Hollow Road
P.O. Box 71
Hanover, NH 03755-3116
Located in HUBZone: No
Woman-Owned: No
Minority-Owned: No
Phone: (603) 643-3800

Award Totals:

Program/Phase Award Amount ($) Number of Awards
SBIR Phase I $773,964.00 5
SBIR Phase II $1,499,879.00 1
STTR Phase I $299,915.00 2

Award List:

A Low-Cost, Environmentally Friendly Thermal Storage for CO2 Sequestration

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2012 / STTR / Phase I
Agency: DOE
Research Institution: MIT
Principal Investigator: Weibo Chen, Dr. – 603-640-2425
Award Amount: $149,961.00
RI Contact:
Coal-fired integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power plants need to be able to increase their power outputs during peak demand periods without increasing CO2 emissions to improve power grid quality and increase power grid security. We propose to develop a compact, low-cost… More

A Novel Indirectly Cooled Broaching System (ICBS)

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2012 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: DOD
Principal Investigator: Jay C. Rozzi, Ph.D., Principal Engineer – (603) 643-3800
Award Amount: $99,970.00
Tantalum alloy and silicon nitride gun barrel liners have demonstrated excellent corrosion resistance and wear characteristics for U.S. Army applications. The quality and accuracy of the rifling profile is critical; however, the processes and tooling needed to successfully rifle a gun barrel made… More


Award Year / Program / Phase: 2012 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: HHS
Principal Investigator: David b. Kynor – 603-643-3800
Award Amount: $149,171.00
The objective of the Phase I project is to prove the feasibility of the Automated Naloxone Delivery System (ANDS) by: (1) designing the physiological monitoring and prediction algorithm used to trigger the injection; (2) designing and developing prototypesof the automated naloxone injection system;… More

Efficient and Robust Gerotor Compression System for CO2 Capture

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2013 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: DOE
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Breedlove, Dr.
Award Amount: $149,970.00
Carbon dioxide capture systems are currently being considered to mitigate the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration caused by fossil fuel combustion. The costs to implement and operate these systems must be reasonable to minimize economic impacts. In particular, the required compression… More

Improved Continuous Casting Process for Metallic Fuel Pins

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2013 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: DOE
Principal Investigator: Michael Izenson, Dr.
Award Amount: $224,947.00
New Generation IV nuclear power plants are being developed that promise to enable nuclear power to achieve its potential as a large scale source of environmentally benign power generation while improving safety and minimizing proliferation risks. These reactors will need large numbers of metallic… More

Thermoelectric Systems for High-Efficiency, Low-Cost Vehicle Waste Heat Recovery

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2013 / STTR / Phase I
Agency: DOE
Research Institution: RTI International
Principal Investigator: Michael D. Barton, Dr.
Award Amount: $149,954.00
RI Contact:
An enormous amount of energy from burning hydrocarbon fuels is wasted as heat in vehicle exhaust gas. The goal of this project is to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce fuel consumption by converting some of this heat into electric power. We will develop a solid state thermoelectric generator… More

Gas-Bearing Centrifugal Compression System for Radionuclide Monitoring

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2014 / SBIR / Phase I
Agency: DOE
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Breedlove, Dr.
Award Amount: $149,906.00
Radionuclide monitoring systems are an important tool for detecting nuclear weapon tests around the world. These systems must be reliable and have low contamination potential because nuclear detonations can occur without warning and the opportunity to detect these events is relatively brief. … More

Continuous Casting of Metallic Nuclear Fuel Pins

Award Year / Program / Phase: 2014 / SBIR / Phase II
Agency: DOE
Principal Investigator: Michael Izenson
Award Amount: $1,499,879.00
Economical production methods for metal nuclear fuel are needed to support the development of safe and environmentally friendly nuclear power plants. This SBIR project aims to develop advanced technology for low-cost production of nuclear fuel from uranium alloy.