Compact Radar Antenna

Company: FIRST RF CORPORATION Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Directed electromagnetic (RF, microwave and millimeter wave) energy offers unique and flexible options for non-lethal weapons, but the technology for these systems needs to achieve smaller and lighter packaging. Of particular interest are the Multi-frequency RF Vehicle Stopper at L-Band and the… more

Simultaneous multi-beam high-bandwidth conformal tactical data link antenna systems

Company: FIRST RF CORPORATION Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: n this Phase I effort, FIRST RF will develop and evaluate concepts enabling highly directive multi-beam TCDL communications using phased arrays integrated on the Fire Scout UAV platform. Phased array systems allow for dynamic beam steering with graceful degradation. The use of multibeam arrays will… more

Ka-band Satellite Phased Array Antenna

Company: Innovative Technology, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: This proposal addresses an important need of DoD and MILSATCOM for satellite based receivers operating at Ka-Band having multiple beams (as many as 30) capability. Many of these beams need to be independently steered. This has traditionally been a major challenge because, as will be… more

High Compression of Infrared Data

Company: Numerica Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Data compression schemes generally fall into two main categories: lossless and lossy. Lossless schemes promise to provide an uncompressed file which is identical before and after compression. As lossless schemes must be able to reconstruct every feature of the original file they often… more

Helmet-Mounted Thermal Sensor for First Responder Burn-Saver Device

Company: TDA Research, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: The personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by firefighters protects them against burns and hazardous environments. This equipment works so well that they may not notice that their environment has become so hot that is no longer safe. Although current thermal sensor technologies (generally built… more

Atomic Layer Deposition Technology for Gallium Nitride Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits

Company: Sundew Technologies, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: This project targets the development of a commercially viable silicon-nitride (SiN) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) process for gallium nitride (GaN) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) applications. In particular, this project will provide a higher quality substitution for commonly used… more

Mode Adapting Etched Air Taper Fiber Optic Pump Combiner

Company: Optical Engines Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: The Etched Air Taper Combiner as fist proposed by the US Air Force Academy has the advantages in that the input fiber bundle, the combining section, and the output to the gain fiber can be individually improved and optimized and then the components are spliced together to create the… more

Naturalistic Neurocognitive Assessment Using Mobile Gaming Platforms

Company: Vista Partners LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: The neurocognitive health of U.S. service members plays a vital role in the defense of the United States. It is critical to a service member"s effectiveness, to force readiness, and it is a key component of a service member"s successful reintegration into family life and society following… more

Innovative designs for reliable Electro-Explosive Ordnance Devices

Company: Capco Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Through the use of innovative energetic materials, Capco proposes to improve the reliability, shelf life, EMI hardening and performance of EED devices.

Absorption and/or Scattering of Light by Small Particles

Company: Capco Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Capco proposes using materials developed in previous SBIR obscurant research efforts to prepare UVCM devices for test and evaluation. UV absorption will be optimized through particle geometry and processing parameters.

Ultra-compact narrow-line diode laser modules for cold atom sensors

Company: Triad Technology Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: The sophisticated laser systems required for producing cold and ultracold matter represent a major complexity in the quest to transition cold atom sensor technologies from the lab to the harsh environments of the real-world. There is a substantial need for compact, robust, and easy-to-implement… more

SBIR Phase I: Multistatic Spectral Interferometry for Precision Profilometry

Company: Chiaro Technologies, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: This Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I project will demonstrate innovative new technology for high precision, non-contact 3D imaging and metrology with order of magnitude improvement in lateral resolution, depth of field, and measurement speed over existing commercial optical… more

Direct Diode Pumped 100-200kHz (200W) Ti:Sapphire Ultrafast Laser System for Cost Effective EUV Generation in Hollow Waveguides.

Company: Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Currently, the most successful approach for table top soft-Xray and EUV (Extreme Ultra-Violet) sources, is that of High Harmonic Generation (HHG), where a high intensity pulses are used to drive frequency conversion from a noble gas in a hollow core fiber. This configuration allows phase matching,… more

Development and Evaluation of an Independently Usable Digital Story Telling App with Video Outputs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Company: AbleLink Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: ED / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: There are a significant number of people in the U.S. whose literacy deficits significantly limit opportunities for written self-expression, including individuals with intellectual disabilities. While this population can offer revealing insights given their unique perspectives, self-expression often… more

Development and Evaluation of a Cloud-Supported App for Providing Self-Directed, Localized Job Interest Assessment and Analysis

Company: AbleLink Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: ED / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: People with intellectual disability depend a great deal on work for their quality of life. Working in community-based jobs can make substantial differences in income, relationships and self-esteem. Technology has improved opportunities for this population to independently express their career… more

High Energy and Power Density ALD-Enabled Devices

Company: ADA Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Envisioned Navy applications ranging from shore-based microgrids to directed energy weapons pose energy storage performance, cost, and scalability requirements that far exceed the capabilities of today"s technologies. Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) can meet most power demands ($/kW and… more

Long-Range Maritime Atmospheric LIDAR

Company: ADA Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ADA Technologies is teaming with the Colorado School of Mines, Raytheon and Q-Peak to propose the development of a novel Maritime Atmospheric LIDAR (MAC-LIDAR) capable of providing critical atmospheric characterization information to support the effective operation of next generation laser weapons.… more

High Pressure Diver Breathing Gas Supply System

Company: ADA Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ADA Technologies, in collaboration with SCUBAPRO, proposes to develop an ultra-high-pressure SCUBA system capable of supplying Navy divers with vastly increased air capacity to allow longer submersion time. This system employs multiple small composite cylinders and a custom first-stage pressure… more

Low Filler-concentration Advanced Thermal Management Materials for Power Systems Components

Company: ADA Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: The stable and reliable operation of megawatt-class, high-temperature power electronics is critical for military aircraft operations. In particular, military aircraft emphasize mission capability as one of the primary objectives, thereby making reliability of power systems components one… more

Ultra-Safe Enclosure for High Energy Density Devices: Thin Laminate Walls and Flameless Venting

Company: ADA Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: The weight, volume and storage capacity benefits of current and future high energy density storage systems make them attractive options to complete far-reaching and ambitious missions. Safe packaging of these devices has lagged and as a result, a few significant events have taken place, highlighting… more

Advancing the State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence for Simulation Training

Company: Adaptive Cognitive Systems Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: We aim to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that is generalized across entity-level simulation systems and can be used to generate behaviors in training simulations that are both contextually and tactically realistic. The near-term goal for Phase I is to define and develop a concept for… more

Fast Payback Solar Water Heater

Company: Aerophase, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Water heaters use about 16% of the energy used in the typical home. This is an unnecessary financial burden on most home owners and an unnecessary burden on US energy supplies. Currently, the high cost of solar hot water systems discourages alternatives to Natural gas, Propane and electric water… more

Wireless Torque Sensor for Condition Based Maintenance

Company: Albido Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: In recent years, the need for highly reliable, durable and non-intrusive systems for monitoring the health condition of naval structures becomes more and more recognized. Of particular importance is the condition based maintenance of Navy rotating machinery (motors, generators, pumps, gear systems,… more

Enabling High Operational Efficiencies with Mid-Bandgap AgCIGS on Modified High-Temperature Capable, Lightweight and Flexible Substrates

Company: ASCENT SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Phase II will leverage the success of Phase I, as well as integrate advances from internal programs, to scale up development of mid-bandgap (1.4 eV) chalcopyrite-based PV. We will optimize chemistries of the device, as well as enable increased temperature for reduced the defect density by… more

GPS Autonomous Micro-Monitor (GAMMA)

Company: Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Ionospheric scintillation and TEC are required by the IORD. We propose a GPS Autonomous Micro-Monitor ("GAMMA") that makes measurements of Ionospheric scintillation and TEC. GAMMA will be remotely deployable, such as on an ocean buoy or in a battlefield. It will send data to the… more