Advanced Space Antenna for GPS

Company: Scientic, Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: We propose to develop a space based radiation hardened GPS transmit antenna capable of forming spot beams to enhance the GPS signal on the ground by greater than 5 dB. It is expected that our transverse compound hybrid antenna will provide as much as 30 dB… more

Development of light-weight, low-cost and high specific power organic solar modules with high radiation hardness

Company: Solarmer Energy Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Solar arrays play a key role in the operation of spacecrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. Traditionally, inorganic semiconductor based solar arrays have been used for space applications because of their highest efficiencies. However, these solar arrays have several major limitations like… more

Advanced Radiation Hardened Data Converter For Navy Strategic Applications

Company: AET, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: In this program, AET will perform research and development with the objective of developing an advanced radiation hardened data converter architecture for application in US Navy strategic programs. This advanced radiation hardened data converter will have… more

Smartphone Enabled Spectroscopic Gamma-Neutron Radiation Sensor

Company: Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: RMD is proposing the development of Smart-Phone Enabled Radionuclide Identifier (SERI), a new detection instrument designed to take full advantage of smartphone / tablet technology. The hardware platform will include a new advanced scintillator that will provide both high gamma-ray efficiency and… more

Pulse Power and Energy Sources for High Power Microwave and High Power Laser

Company: ASR Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … FEG will be fired in order to accomplish the desired pulse repetition rates (PRR) in excess of 100 Hz. When the oscillator is fully charged, an internal switch closes and the oscillator will begin to oscillate with the chosen antenna load to generate a wideband radiated… more

Retrieving Cloud Ice Water, Cloud Liquid Water, and other Cloud Parameters from GPS Radio Occultation and Satellite Microwave Imager/Sounder in Heavy

Company: Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Cloud ice water content and cloud liquid water content strongly affect radiative transfer of solar energy to the atmosphere, and hence need to be taken into account in any modeling of the weather and climate. This proposal advances the poorly-known area of sensitivity… more

Low-Cost Radiation Detection Using a Smart Phone

Company: CapeSym, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Accurate high-performance, low-cost handheld devices are needed by law enforcement and first responders for the detection, identification, classification and reporting of radioactive materials. The goal of this program is to produce a compact, low-power radiation identifier that… more

Modeling of interior nozzle flows for transient effects, realistic high performance nozzle physics and coupling to Large Eddy Simulation modeling of t

Company: Cascade Technologies Incorporated Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: The objective of the present proposal is to develop and apply accurate, robust and cost-effective methodologies for the prediction of the interior nozzle flow, seamlessly coupled with high-fidelity large eddy simulation (LES) for the prediction of the jet plume and radiated… more

A General Solver Framework for Radiative Heat Transfer Models in Combustion Systems

Company: CFD Research Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Modern combustion systems such as liquid rocket engines and gas turbines are characterized by high operating pressures and temperatures due to increased power-density. Thermal radiation has significant impact on both heat fluxes at the wall and on physical phenomena controlling… more

CAT Learning Algorithm Workbench (CLAW)

Company: Charles River Analytics Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … algorithms to existing simulations and models in the program of record using an instrumented test environment, investigators can identify the most promising design for using adaptive learning in the Torpedo Warning System. The benefit of the approach is to harden battle group… more

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Acceleration for Cosite Interference Prediction Tools

Company: Delcross Technologies, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … avionics and electronic systems that must perform to very high standards in hostile environments in the presence of numerous potential sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI). On airborne platforms for example, there could be dozens of RF systems radiating and… more

Nanosatellite to Standard Army Handheld Radio Communications System

Company: Tethers Unlimited, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … will support multiple modes of operations to provide robust and reliable links, multi-user access, cognitive radio operations, and other advanced operating capabilities. The second technology is a deployable multi-band antenna with a range-compensating radiation pattern… more

Agent Based Simulation and Optimization (ABSO) Tool for HPRF Dynamic Surface Engagement

Company: Intelligent Automation, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: … and Optimization (ABSO) tool is proposed for evaluating HPRF weapon effectiveness in defending maritime assets against small boat attacks using dynamic sea surface engagement scenarios. For this effort, IAI will combine and extend i) Ray Tracing and Radiative Transfer… more

Vertically Small Communications Antenna

Company: JEM Engineering, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: The primary Phase I effort proposed here will demonstrate how to use a new technology to achieve conformal and very-low profile antennas that have a radiation pattern, power, and similar electrical characteristics to the existing monopole (blade or whip) antenna. This technology… more

Electromagnetic Radiation Effects on Weapons and Energetic Materials

Company: Karagozian and Case, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Karagozian & Case (K & C) is pleased to submit this proposal to conduct a nine-month Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) feasibility study aimed at developing electrical and physiochemical models for electromagnetic radiation (EMR) effects on energetic… more

Nano-Inspired Broadband Photovoltaics Sheets

Company: Magnolia Optical Technologies,Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: … infrared absorption, power conversion efficiencies in single-junction, nano-enhanced solar cells can potentially meet or even exceed the Shockley-Queisser limit. Novel device designs utilizing advanced band gap engineering will be employed to suppress non-radiative… more

Deeply-Integrated GPS/INS Technology (DIGIT) for High Performance Navigation

Company: Mayflower Communications Company, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: … jam-resistant GPS/INS navigation technologies with the goal of optimizing the size, weight and power (SWaP) of the system for use in air-dropped Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) and small Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) operating in GPS challenged environments. A gun-hardened… more

Radiation Hardened Carbon Nanotube-based Nonvolatile Memory

Company: NanoScale Storage Systems, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Data storage onto Phase Change media with 22nm bit cells is proposed, providing 1Tb (threshold) and potentially 1TB (objective) data capacity in a one square inch memory chip. The chip will be designed for spaced based operation, radiation hardened… more

Radiation Hardened Graphene based Nonvolatile Memory for Space Applications

Company: NANOSONIC INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: This Air Force Phase I SBIR program would develop and demonstrate radiation hardened graphene based nonvolatile memory(NVM) for space applications. Specifically, we would combine advances in resistive memory materials, including graphene and… more

Forecasting of Solar Eruptions using Statistical Mechanics, Ensemble, and Bayesian Forecasting Methods

Company: NorthWest Research Associates, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: … events from our Sun. Because the propagation speed for sudden increases in X-rays from a solar flare is the speed of light, it is necessary to truly forecast these events in order to mitigate their effects; the ionospheric response and influx of damaging radiation is… more

Helmet-Mounted Thermal Sensor for First Responder Burn-Saver Device

Company: TDA Research, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … device can respond fast enough to ensure that the firefighter is not exposed to temperatures that exceed the capabilities of their PPE. TDA Research, Inc. (TDA) has developed a thermal sensing and warning Burn Saver Device that can respond to changes in radiative heat flux in… more

Automated Analog Electronics Design Tools for Obsolete Parts

Company: Ridgetop Group, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Ridgetop Group will develop design tools to facilitate fabrication of obsolete, radiation-hardened, precision analog components. The methodology that is developed and validated during the nine-month Phase I SBIR program will be transitioned into an easy-to-use… more

Narrowband Perfect Absorber for Infrared Sensing

Company: Srico, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … thermal detectors to produce ultra low size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) room temperature stand-off chemical sensors. Metamaterial narrowband absorber elements are integrated into the thin film pyroelectric detector process to provide conversion of radiation to heat… more

Efficient Computational Tool for RF-Induced Bio-Thermal Response

Company: Stellar Science Ltd Co Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Radio-frequency (RF) transmitting devices are found nearly everywhere today, ranging from lower-power cell phones to radar equipment to high-energy weapons systems. Accidental exposure of humans to the RF radiation emanating from these devices can cause harmful… more

Molecular Signatures of the Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with Energetics

Company: Tanner Research, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: …involved. Consequences of accidents for humans and national security make it imperative to understand the mechanisms and physical factors that are fundamental to the initiation of energetics in order to reduce and eventually eliminate them. Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR)… more