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Company: Viresco Energy, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: EPA / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … use of a two stage pyrolysis process. The resulting bio-oil has superior physical and chemical properties compared to products from conventional processes and allows for east of handling, transportation and refining. Key Words: flash hydro-pyrolysis, two-stage pyrolysis,… more
Company: TDA Research, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: EPA / SBIR / 2010 / 1
Abstract: …aste into diesel fuel. The diesel made from biomass will be a direct substitute for ultra low-sulfur diesel (defined by ASTM D 975). The biomass waste will first be converted into pyrolysis oil and then upgraded to diesel. The process uses a new approach to upgrading pyrolysis… more
Displaying 1 – 2 of 2 Awards
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