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Company: Scalable Network Technologies Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2012 / 1
Abstract: … management and performance optimization techniques for satellite networks. The P3 architecture will also include a"faster than real-time"simulation engine that will enable network management policies to be evaluated against a high fidelity satellite network simulation… more
Company: SURVICE Engineering Company Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2012 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: SURVICE Engineering is proposing the development of an innovative fire extinguishing suppressant flow simulation model that meets solicitation requirements. Our proposed approach includes integration of a previously developed, exceptionally fast… more
Company: Voss Scientific, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2012 / 1
Abstract: …opose to develop and validate a strongly-coupled non-equilibrium plasma simulation model. Strongly coupled plasmas occur in a wide range of physical situations impacting a wide range of research and development areas connected to Air Force technology. The simulation … more
Company: ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2012 / 1
Abstract: … the necessary RF subsystem data using keyword search, data mining and filtering schemes. We will demonstrate the validity of the approach and the compatibility of a suitable simulation tool with the JETS database for extracting relevant data to create accurate simulation … more
Company: Ientech LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2012 / 1
Abstract: … (RCMs) is not readily accessible or useable by the general public who may not have analytical tools to plot, visualize, or analyze the data. In response to this need, the overall long term objective of this study is to make high resolution climate change simulations … more
Company: Pacific Microchip Corp. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … with the lowest possible level of power consumption. A novel power efficient data serializer will be implemented to simplify data interfacing. A unique ROIC topology will permit combining four focal planes to build a 16M pixel imager panel. During Phase I, a simulation … more
Company: Intrinsix Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … targets will be capable of resolution up to 22 bits and conversion speeds to 5 MSPS (million samples per second) The Phase 1 effort will examine the tradeoffs between broad programmability and complexity, as they affect feasibility, and will deliver simulation … more
Company: Advanced Anti-Terror Technologies Corp. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … purposes. FRAM accomplishes this by fusing output of normative models of behaviors (cognitive/procedural/team), human states (affective/physiological/brain-computer-interfaces/Neuroergonomics), system states (operational vehicle states and/or simulation … more
Company: Azure Summit Technology, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: … to facilitate transition into EW systems such as SEWIP Block 2/3. This will require testing the algorithms with realistic data, preferably with some collected real-world data. The maturity of the implementation itself will also be advanced from the current MATLAB simulation… more
Company: Barron Associates, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: … in situ tuning. Barron Associates and its research partners propose an adaptive platform-independent control system (APICS) Phase II effort that will leverage the lessons-learned from the prior automatic control system testing, a new high-fidelity LARS simulation … more
Company: Bioproduction Group, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: … simulations to perform enterprise planning and risk analysis. The company's algorithms (and associated early-release software) have been shown to run supply chain models one order of magnitude faster, with one order of magnitude more complexity, than current simulation… more
Company: Grainflow Dynamics, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … capability of most FE codes. Mesh-free methods offer an attractive optionÂ? especially when coupled with critical-state soil-mechanics based constitutive models allowing unlimited shear deformation and flow. This Phase-1 project will enhance a new mesh-free SPH-based … more
Company: Intelligent Automation, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: … advantage that high-fidelity combat medical simulations can be built in a flexible and scalable runtime environment. During the Phase I, IAI demonstrated the feasibility of MCSET to integrate a new medical capability into a OneSAF simulations to interact with medical simulation… more
Company: Koester Performance Research Agency/Program/Year/Phase: HHS / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … group with clinicians to gather feedback on system requirements, user interface, and utility. To be successful, we must show that our tool will arrive at scanning system settings that will increase TER for subjects by two-fold or more. We must also show that the simulation… more
Company: MICHIGAN ENGINEERING SERVICES, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: The design of an aircraft is a highly iterative process. During the conceptual design phase there is no time for developing detailed simulation models and decisions are typically made either by using low fidelity models or existing data and regression models… more
Company: New Global Systems for Intelligent Transportation Management Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOT / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: PHASE II TECHNICAL OBJECTIVE The major objective of this Phase II proposal is to establish open source traffic simulation model and software, and to develop application programming interfaces to accommodate future traffic research needs. Objectives will be… more
Company: Scalable Network Technologies Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: … Object System (MUOS) and its interoperability with other JTRS networks. M2E2 will support the performance evaluation of MUOS networks as well as performance of supported applications and network services. In this Phase II effort, SNT will develop high fidelity simulation… more
Company: Spectral Sciences, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: The design of space-based optical sensors for detection, identification, and tracking of threat missile launches relies heavily on plume signature simulation models. The development of very capable plume signature models traces back ~50 years. However,… more
Company: The Sentient Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 2
Abstract: …world outcome. This has lead to using probability functions to analytically determine the fragment pattern from a statistical data base. This proposed effort will provide the much needed test data to allow verification and validation and or correction to the existing simulation… more
Company: Astral Infiniti, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: … satellites at an altitude below low earth orbit thus attaining GEO below LEO. In this Phase I R & D effort, we will define the key requirements and develop the preliminary designs for the dual bridge matrix converter for the UAV application. Simulation … more
Company: FirstPass Engineering PC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: …e solution involves developing a high-level DSP block functions whose parameters are specified by the designer that will synthesize into high-performance lower gate count Radiaton-Hardened-By-Design (RHBD) structures. These high-level blocks will generate HDL simulation … more
Company: Computational Mechanics Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2011 / 1
Abstract: …n system combined with software simulation technology to provide a"smart"system to identify the current state of the coating system and to forward predict its condition over the life of the vessel. A key innovation will be the integration with the simulation … more
Company: CardioSolv Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2010 / 1
Abstract: This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project will explore the development and commercial feasibility of a user-friendly cross-platform computing system for multi-scale tissue and organ cardiac electrophysiology and electromechanics modeling. Specific technical objectives include:… more
Company: Adaptive Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2010 / 2
Abstract: The goal of this research is to develop a comprehensive biomechanical simulation model of a full human head which includes internal anatomical features down to the minute structure of a human cochlea for accurate representation of full sound pathways to the… more
Company: Barron Associates, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2010 / 1
Abstract: … also in active heave compensation mode to maintain constant ROV depth is a seaway. Barron Associates, Inc. and its research partners will leverage the lessons-learned from the recent Active Motion Control System (AMCS) testing and the practical experience and simulation … more
Displaying 26 – 50 of 415 Awards
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