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Company: Leucadia Engineering LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: LE will look at two different next generation power/propulsion systems in Phase 1 in order to develop requirements for the generic microcontroller. The first is a hybrid fuel cell/battery hybrid power system based upon a UTRC design that LE is… more
Company: MillenniTEK LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Solid oxide fuel cells have long suffered from degradation due to impurities in the fuel and complexities associated with dissimilar materials and high operating temperatures. This degradation lowers the usable cell power output and requires ancillary… more
Company: FTL Labs Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Microbial fuel cells (MFC's) use metabolic reactions inside bacteria as a source of electrons. Wastewater treatment processes with MFC's employ bacteria to generate electrical power produced as they breakdown organic materials captured… more
Company: Redox Power Systems, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Redox is developing low temperature, high power density SOFC-based power generation systems for stationary and mobile applications. Basic cell and stack designs can be configured for a variety of applications because of the ability to operate over a range of temperatures at different efficiencies… more
Company: Sonata LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) offer exceptional promise for electrical power generation with reduced carbon footprint, but SOFC reliability must be improved for the technology to be widely commercialized. SOFCs utilize… more
Company: Primenano Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2014 / 2
Abstract: … of extreme importance to measure the functioning of sub-micron structures and devices. In particular, such electrical measurements could support the development and manufacture of advanced energy related materials used in technologies such as photovoltaic cells, fuel… more
Company: LeaTech, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: …. The need for a polymeric pressure sensitive coating that was a true pressure sensor was initially addressed circa 2000 for use in marine environments. Since then work has focused on refining these formulations and extending them to other test environments, e.g. fuel… more
Company: Vision Industries Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: Office of Energy and Renewable Energy has created a Fuel Cell Transfer Opportunity (FCTO) designed to encourage the private sectors participation in developing and demonstrating a proof of concept heavy-duty fuel cell-electric hybrid truck for waste hauling… more
Company: US Hybrid Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2014 / 1
Abstract: … the pollution is localized, it has an especially significant impact on the health of the general public. In addition, these vehicles have an operating noise exceeding decibel levels of 100, which has been associated with serious hearing damage. The proposed fuel … more
Company: PH Matter, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … broader commercialization of a number of promising technologies. The materials being developed in this project have unique properties compared to currently available electrode materials, and can be used for a number of important applications, including batteries, fuel… more
Company: Acree Technologies Incorporated Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Fuel cells convert chemical energy in a fuel directly to electrical power. They have several advantages over other energy sources including: highly efficient energy conversion, fuel flexibility, reduced air pollution, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced… more
Company: Acumentrics Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Acumentrics proposes to utilize the unique properties of bio-fuel to deliver an integral reformer system that will directly utilize the thermal and electrochemical effect of the fuel cell through Acumentrics"tubular technology. This intimate contact with… more
Company: Adelphi Technology, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / STTR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … metals and ceramics as well as many aggregation and self-assembly phenomena. Applications are in petrochemicals (colloidal and aggregate dynamics), biotechnology and medicine (membranes, macromolecules), and industry (metallurgy, ceramics, polymers, electrolytes in fuel … more
Company: Applied Spectra, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … to compensate the time lag between production and consumption. Our analytical technology and commercial instrument address these markets, and will be useful in other fields where spatial mapping is necessary, including rapid in situ characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel… more
Company: TreadStone Technologies, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: The focus of this SBIR project is to develop a low cost novel structured metal bipolar plate technology for low temperature PEM fuel cells for transportation applications. The innovative metal bipolar plate technique is aimed to meet industry revised… more
Company: CFD Research Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Our objective is to develop a bioelectrochemical system to enable power generation from several fuel types (i.e. sugars and alcohols), thereby delivering a state-of-the-art energy source for low power military and commercial systems. The proposed enzymatic fuel … more
Company: Rolling Hills Research Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / STTR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … general aviation vehicles and UAV systems. The test bed aircraft will allow various electrical propulsion system technologies to be tested to determine performance, reliability, safety, and cost. These include various motors, motor controllers, batteries, fuel … more
Company: GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / STTR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: DoEs recent emphasis on increasing fuel economy requires electrification of the vehicle powertrain, thus leading to extended range electric vehicles (EREVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles… more
Company: GINER, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …eliminate the difficulties of the catalyst ionomer interface encountered in making alkaline PEM membrane electrode assemblies. This can greatly increase catalyst utilization and improve alkaline PEM ORR and HOR kinetics. Commercial Applications and Other Benefits: PEM fuel … more
Company: GINER, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … to provide recharge power to onboard batteries. In this proposal, Giner, Inc. and Purdue University describe an approach for a thermal power generation system that exploits the rocket waste heat to provide reactant gases from solid storage to an efficient, power-dense fuel… more
Company: GSE, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …. Reliability and maintainability are vastly improved using a robust high-speed, multi-fuel combustion system capable of stable operation on JP-8/DF-2 fuels (with the added safety and redundancy inherent with twin pack parallel hybrid propulsion). A hybrid fuel … more
Company: INNOVATEK, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: The quiet operation and high efficiency of fuel cells provide an ideal solution for portable electric power generation for a wide range of military and commercial applications. A compact and efficient fuel processor that provides hydrogen from multiple types… more
Company: IntraMicron, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … all current biogas/landfill gas applications with high outlet sulfur thresholds (i.e. direct heating, power generation and combined heat and power), and shrink the size of desulfurization units for advanced applications with low outlet sulfur thresholds (i.e. fuel … more
Company: Itn Energy Systems, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ITN proposes to create an innovative anode supported membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that is capable of long-term operation at low temperature by the direct oxidation of dry methane or syngas fuel without coke formation on… more
Company: LYNNTECH INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / STTR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: Methanol crossover of commercial Nafion membranes is a major issue that results in lowering of the efficiency of direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). A biomimetic approach for the membrane design using either proton conducting nanochannels and/or nanothin… more
Displaying 26 – 50 of 1541 Awards
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