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Company: Pirouette Software Consulting Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …IPA will be initially marketed as a phone app. The parking availability data needed for bootstrapping the IPA usage will be obtained from local municipalities. In its research and development the company will focus on street-parking. The innovation stems from the NSF IGERT award… more
Company: Polymath Research, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … distort this picture, is the central idea. The enabling technologies are microscopic kinetic plasma evolution detection via ultrashort pulse arbitrary-waveform generation and detection. The latter two have been popularized and developed for the telecommunications… more
Company: RAM Laboratories, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Mobile devices require security features that are utilized by application developers and users to ensure secure communication and commerce. Existing features on mobile hardware are often considered proprietary between the manufacturer and the telecommunications provider,… more
Company: S2 Corporation Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: NSF SBIR Phase I Proposal 1249014 - Request for Abstract This Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) Phase I project advances arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) capabilities for high bandwidth operation essential in technologies such as telecommunications, test and… more
Company: Smart Information Flow Technologies, d/b Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Military missions increasingly rely on satellites for surveillance, communication, and navigation. While performing these mission-critical tasks, satellites must respond quickly to new enemy threats and changing mission objectives. Under prior AFRL SBIR awards,… more
Company: SkySight Technologies LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DHS / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … Readiness Level (TRL) of 2 is expected at the beginning of the Phase I effort, with a TRL of 4 expected at completion. The Phase II effort will focus on refining the concept and constructing prototypes for validation testing. Commercial applications include … more
Company: Steven Winter Associates, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … gallons of JP-8 fuel is used for lighting shelters in a 600 person base camp. All this energy could be saved by developing a compact, lightweight, and sufficiently ruggedized solar lighting system for military shelters. Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA), an … more
Company: The Design Knowledge Company Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … agencies. CIRRUS can be commercialized as an interactive information management system and as stand-alone compression applications. There are significant commercial applications in many industries including interactive healthcare, entertainment, and telecommunications,… more
Company: VIP Sensors Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …evices built with spectrally selective micro-mirrors designed to be sensitive only to one particular measurand: acceleration or pressure or to the earth magnetic field. Each the sensors operate at a unique optical wavelength range within the C and L telecommunication bands. The… more
Company: VIRTUALLY BETTER, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: HHS / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … programs offer a variety of health services but there is no efficacious HIV prevention program specifically tailored for the issues of youth in mental health treatment, other than the one described in this project. STAR ( Safe Thinking and Affect Regulation ) is an award… more
Company: Arete Associates Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: Arete Associates and Luminex Corporation propose a Phase II SBIR effort to develop a portable, Point-of-Care system that enables rapid identification of known and de novo pathogens in wounds. The proposed system, which leverages Luminex"s award-winning bead-based… more
Company: XUNERGY Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … mass of less than 500 g, compressor dimension of 110 mm in length and approximately 40 mm in diameter. The power consumption is less than 20 W, and the life time is expected to be 10 years. BENEFIT: Applications of such a cryocooler include cooling of telecommunication… more
Company: Thought Cycle Agency/Program/Year/Phase: ED / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … fluency with multi-digit operations. In the narrative-based game, each student will build and maintain an idyllic Renaissance-style village by applying math concepts. Tasks will include setting goals, advancing to more challenging levels, and competing for awards. The… more
Company: Bear Technologies, LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … systems. The need is to create tolerant technologies that can operate in the extreme environment.Bear Technologies has been exploring motor design for more than 5 years. Currently, Bear is working on a high torque direct drive electric motor under a Phase II award. The… more
Company: NEUROSIGMA, INC. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: HHS / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …of this SBIR translational research project is to develop an implantable subcutaneous Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System (sTNSTM) for the treatment of DRE. This project builds upon NeuroSigma's experience in external Trigeminal Nerve System (eTNSTM) for which it was … more
Company: Astronix Research LLC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … low sputter erosion in the high-voltage electrodes, and requires no magnetic elements. The microgun approach was investigated under previous NRO and SBIR grants. Experiments to prove the manufacturing started recently with internal funding. A Phase 2 grant has been awarded… more
Company: AdValue Photonics Inc Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: Telecommunication 850 nm band is an attractive choice for the physical layer and has been used for the vast majority of the optical local area networks (LANs) by taking advantage of comparatively low-cost silicon P-I-N technology for optical receivers as well as high power… more
Company: Arkyd Astronautics, Inc. Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NASA / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: … proposal plans to develop and simulate a basic optimizer for the purpose of a robotic spacecraft in proximity operations to an asteroid for a sample return mission, and implement in a spacecraft avionics software environment. If follow on Phase II work is awarded, the… more
Company: GraphSQL INC Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …x nature of relationships between people, their decisions and their interactions with others in all areas of businesses and intelligence, such as online social networking, marketing and advertisement, banking and finance, logistics and transportation, telecommunications,… more
Company: Xergy Incorporated Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOE / SBIR / 2013 / 1
Abstract: …fied and need to be optimized. A work plan has been provided to develop discrete components and eventually build a bench top prototype during phase 1 of this SBIR program with a vision towards development of a product that can be commercialized during phase II (if awarded). The… more
Company: HYDRO BIO Agency/Program/Year/Phase: USDA / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … of the field that grow with different vigor, and (5) data storage and retrieval to permit the grower to assess for each field what has worked best and where to improve, all at a granularity of one-ninth of an acre. HydroBio received a USDA SBIR Phase I award that funded… more
Company: FIRSTHAND FOODS Agency/Program/Year/Phase: USDA / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … businesses that can provide the skills and infrastructure needed to aggregate, distribute and market meat products at the local level. Firsthand Foods, an innovative food hub, offers a regional solution to many of these challenges. Firsthand Foods, LLC was awarded a Phase I… more
Company: Summit Performance Group Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award proposes to enhance the technical understanding of how to create rich, high-performance, entirely cloud-based applications that are accessed anytime, anywhere on any device. The layered Web application architecture… more
Company: Invenio Agency/Program/Year/Phase: NSF / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: …excitation with two synchronized laser pulse trains (ultra-short pulse duration) with precisely tunable wavelengths (<1nm). The key innovation of the Phase I proposal was the realization that the difference frequency of the two major gain media used in the telecommunication… more
Company: Green Revolution Cooling Agency/Program/Year/Phase: DOD / SBIR / 2013 / 2
Abstract: … greatly to data center operators that are confined by one or more of the following factors: physical space, resource cost, build-out time, hazardous environment, and compute throughput. This containerized solution, when fully developed during the course of the Phase II award,… more
Displaying 51 – 75 of 1687 Awards
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