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Small Business Technology Transfer Program Phase I Solicitation (STTR) June 2014 Submission

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Agency: National Science Foundation
Program/Year: STTR / 2014
Solicitation Number: NSF14-540
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Open Date: May 11, 2014
Close Date: June 11, 2014
BM: Biomedical Technologies (BM)
Keywords: drug delivery; medical imaging; diagnostic assays; diagnostic platforms; biomedical engineering; tissue engineering; regenerative medicine; pharmaceutical manufacturing
BT: Biological Technologies (BT)
Keywords: agricultural and food safety biotechnology; biosensors; life sciences; bioinstrumentation; synthetic biology; computational biology; bioinformatics
CT: Chemical and Environmental Technologies (CT)
Keywords: separation technology; bio-based chemicals; polymers; plastics; food; bioenergy; renewable fuels; water, waste treatment; sustainable agriculture and forestry
EA: Educational Technologies and Applications (EA)
Keywords: education edtech edutech applications apps
EW: Electronic Hardware, Robotics and Wireless Technologies (EW)
Keywords: sensors wireless spectrum infrastructure power robotics control agriculture packaging thermal management
IC: Information and Communication Technologies (IC)
Keywords: components infrastructure security privacy human-system interaction
MI: Advanced Materials and Instrumentation (MI)
Keywords: metals; ceramics; infrastructure materials; coatings and surface modifications; multiferroics; instrumentation
MN: Advanced Manufacturing and Nanotechnology (MN)
Keywords: advanced manufacturing ; additive manufacturing; manufacturing for emerging markets; industrial ecology; sustainable manufacturing technology; transportation; machines; equipment; nanotechnology
PH: Photonic Devices and Materials (PH)
Keywords: photonics metrology optical components and systems lighting
S: Semiconductors (S)
Keywords: semiconductors metrology integrated circuit design
SH: Smart Health Technologies (SH)
Keywords: smart health; digital health; interoperability; medical sensors; robotics