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Development of Technologies Related to Siting and Environmental Evaluation of Ocean and Coastal Renewable Energy Systems


The ocean and coastal zones of the United States contain reserves of potential energy that have not yet been tapped to meet the increasing demands of an energy-hungry nation.  Successfully tapping this energy will rely on more than just new energy harvest technologies – it will rely on the ability to site such projects in an environmentally sound way, and to assess the environmental impacts of such emplacements in a logical, efficient manner.


Project Goals: Projects should involve the development of innovative observing technologies that support siting decisions and/or evaluation of environmental impacts of renewable ocean energy technologies such as a) biofuels developed from microalgae or macroalgae, b) wave, c) tidal/current, d) geothermal, e) offshore/coastal wind, or f) ocean-thermal energy conversion.    NOAA is not interested in development of energy systems at this time.


Phase I Activities and Expected Deliverables:

·         Clearly identify need

·         Develop proof of concept


Phase II Activities and Expected Deliverables:

·         Develop prototype

·         Test prototype

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