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Improved Transit Rider Experience


Innovative, economical and durable technologies and devices or solutions that will improve and revolutionize the transit experience for the riding public.  The innovations must be adaptable to existing bus and rail transit vehicles and systems. Project proposals must include a methodology on how it will use data to quantitatively demonstrate that their recommended technology innovations can truly improve rider experience or provide safer/greener transit.  The subtopics could range from improved service reliability to information to on-time performance.

Sub-topic examples:

·       Mobile technologies – mobile payment systems, real time traveler information Broadband communications - Multimedia experience

·       Rail Transit Platform Barriers - rail transit systems suffer delays and expenses when persons or foreign objects fall from, are thrown from or blow off of rail transit platforms onto the tracks.

·       Rail Transit Right of Way Barriers - simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly barriers to keep people from entering the rail transit right of way.

·       Fare Collection - how to verify fare payment in honor barrier-free systems using smart cards.

·       Vertical Transportation - innovative ways to move people other than escalators

·       Preserving transfers between bus and rail - how to keep transit passengers from missing their connections.

Expected Phase I Outcomes:

a.      A viable concept that demonstrates the practicability and interoperability of technology or solution in a vehicle, facility or operation in a transit environment to improve transit passenger experience

b.     Efficient and low cost technology

c.      Modular, plug and play and open source (if applicable) device

d.     Technology assessment with respect to industry best practices

e.      Feasibility analysis (data proven) for success in developing a working prototype

Expected Phase II Outcomes:

Phase II efforts include manufacturing and demonstrating a working prototype of the technology and device or solution with all of the above listed Phase I outcomes.

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