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International Program


NIDA’s International Program develops and disseminates important new information on the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of drug abuse and addiction that will help address the growing problems related to illegal drug use and addiction around the world.

NIDA’s International Program is currently interested in supporting US-based small businesses to develop products and services in the following areas:

1. Development of standardized behavioral, physiological, and/or toxicological measures of drug use and drug impairment for use in international comparative studies of drugged driving.

2. Development of a mechanism to enhance international drug abuse researchers’ ability to conduct secondary data analyses. While the strategies to address the international phenomenon of drug addiction need to be empirically driven, there are limited funds to support original international drug abuse research which subsequently increases the importance of secondary analyses of existing data sources particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The mechanism to expand the use of existing data sources that can inform policy is likely be multifaceted and may include: identification of existing data sources, provision of training in secondary data analyses, and interpretation of data analyses for making policy-based decisions. The focus of the research can address any component of drug use, abuse and addiction that is within NIDA’s research portfolio.

Steve Gust, Ph.D.



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