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Medical Rehabilitation Research


This Center supports innovative research on the restoration, replacement, enhancement or adaptation of function for people with chronic physical disabilities. This includes rehabilitative approaches across etiologies and the lifespan, as well as the environmental and policy factors that promote full participation. We encourage studies that integrate biomedical, engineering and/or psychosocial approaches to develop practical and creative solutions to the daily functioning of people with disabilities and their families. The mission of the NCMRR is to increase the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation practices through research. Information about specific program areas within NCMRR can be found at: Examples may include but are not limited to:

· Enabling technologies for restoration of function.

  • Promoting behavioral adaptation to functional losses.

· Assessing the efficacy and outcomes of medical rehabilitation therapies and practices.

  • Developing improved assistive technology.

· Promoting rehabilitative outcomes in pediatric critical care.

· Understanding whole body system responses to physical impairments and functional changes.

· Developing more precise methods to measure impairments, disabilities, and societal limitations.

· Training health professionals in the field of medical rehabilitation.

· Development of Home Centered Rehabilitation care systems.

· Promoting profession structured/directed self care and wellness.

· Development of tools to assist and facilitate families in their involvement in rehabilitation.

Investigators proposing budgets exceeding the guidelines are encouraged to contact program staff six weeks prior to submitting the application.

For additional information on research topics, contact:

Nancy Shinowara, Ph.D.

301-495-6838, Fax: (302) 402-0832



Louis A. Quatrano, Ph.D.

301-402-4221, Fax: 301-402-0832


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