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The successful completion of the HGP in 2003 set the stage for making use of the immense potential inherent in knowledge of the complete DNA sequence of the human genome to be applied for the improvement of human health and well-being. In an effort to outline a path forward, the Vision Document ( Nature 422,835-847 (2003)) broadly outlined three areas that need to be addressed: (1) elucidating the structure and function of genomes; (2) translating genome-based knowledge into health benefits; and (3) promoting the use of genomics to maximize benefits and minimize harms. The latter area relates closely to NHGRI’s Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Program. The research topics encompassed by this area have traditionally been included in a separate program announcement. However, given the growing interrelatedness of genomics to research in humans and to applications in health care and other settings, it has become increasingly clear that the investigation of ELSI issues cannot be separated from the genomic research that generates these issues. As a result, the ELSI research agenda is described in this NHGRI-wide announcement, as well as in a separate ELSI-specific Program Announcement

The purpose of this document is to provide information to investigators about the breadth of NHGRI’s research interests and is very similar the Institute’s general funding opportunity announcements ( guide/pa-files/PA-07-458.html and When appropriate, NHGRI will publish Requests for Applications that will be used to stimulate research in specific areas, to fill gaps in research knowledge, or to generate community resources that will further the mission of genomics or ELSI research.

The following are areas of high interest for investigator-initiated applications; they are not listed in priority order.

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