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Population Genomics


This is an emerging discipline that applies genomic technologies, such as genome-wide association testing and sequencing, to population studies to identify gene regions, genes, or variants affecting common etiologically complex conditions and predict individual risk. It also investigates the value of applying genomic methods in clinical care for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of complex diseases. The research scope of Population Genomics at NHGRI includes: developing resources and statistical methods for observational studies and clinical trials incorporating advanced genomic technologies; conducting proof-of-principle studies that apply genomic technologies to particular conditions that can be generalized to a broader range of conditions (e.g., translating genomic information to clinical care); and developing research methods and infrastructure needed for future epidemiologic studies of genetic and environmental contribution to disease in the United States, including a large, prospective cohort study of genes and environment. For additional information about Population Genomics within NHGRI, please visit this website:
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