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Swarm Robotic Sensing Platform for Search and Rescue


For details, please refer to the solicitation details located at FedBizOpps website.

The distributed bot sensing networks can enhance the quality of response for the emergency response teams.  This capability will enable responders to have advanced situational awareness in an indoor environment.  Currently Search and Rescue teams use cameras and optics to view indoor spaces.  The goal of the effort would be to develop new and innovative sensing research, and develop a prototype swarm bot sensing sensors and platforms capable of providing imagery and context for an indoor scene to enhance and augment situational awareness (audio, video display, etc.).  It is envisioned that these platforms/vehicles would be small, easy to handle, and include autonomy to handle movement, fault tolerance, path/track management, information handling, and "perching" capabilities on uneven terrain to stare and/or listen (desirable to save power).  These platforms must be low cost systems and nearly disposable units since operating environment may be hazardous.  The system should be able to operate individually or in teams via collaborative movement and goal management.

PHASE I: Provide the results of a feasibility and technology assessment, component selection, and a design refinement of the prototype with concept demonstration.

PHASE II: Prototype development and demonstration of the concept developed in Phase I, market research and plans for follow-on development and commercialization that may include strategic partnering.

PHASE III: COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS: A low cost, nearly disposable unit in an emerging field will foster commercialization opportunities within industry.   Linking with GLANSER (Geospatial Location Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders, a DHS S&T Directorate program) will help with commercialization, limited production and market interaction based on GLANSER’s commercialization plan (already underway).  In addition, the technology will improve overall situational awareness for first responders, a large and rapidly growing market.  The technology developed will have significant impact in the public and private sector.

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