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Data Dictionary: Award


Form Field Name API Tag File Download Field Definition Mandatory Form Field Type Accepted Value/Format
Company Name firm Company Name of the business Yes Text 1-255 characters
Title award_title Award Title Title of the project Yes Text 1-255 characters
Agency agency Agency Agency making the award Yes Dropdown 2-4 characters
Branch branch Branch Optional if agency is not “DOD”, but mandatory if Agency is “DOD” No  Dropdown 0 or 2-4 charaters
Phase phase Phase Phase I or Phase II Yes Radio "1" or "2" without quotes
Program program Program SBIR or STTR Program Yes Radio "SBIR" or "STTR" without quotes
Agency Tracking Number agency_tracking_number Agency Tracking Number Unique code assigned by the agency/branch that made the Phase 1 submission. Must be unique across all of TECH-Net Yes Text 1-60 characters
Contract/Grant # contract Contract Contract Yes Text 0-20 characters
Proposal Award Date proposal_award_date Proposal Award Date The first day of contract performance Yes, Except HHS Date Date Format YYYY-MM-DD
Contract End Date contract_end_date Contract End Date The last day of contract performance Yes, Except HHS Date Date Format YYYY-MM-DD
Solicitation Number solicitation_number Solicitation Number Solicitation Number No Text 0-55 characters
Solicitation Year solicitation_year Solicitation Year The Fiscal Year in which the proposal was submitted Yes Text 4 digit Year (YYYY)
Solicitation Close Date Solicitation_close_date Solicitation Close Date The date of the solicitation close for the solicitation Required for all agencies except for DoD and HHS Date Date Format YYYY-MM-DD
Proposal Receipt Date proposal_submitted_date Proposal Submitted Date The Date the Proposal was submitted Yes Date Date Format YYYY-MM-DD
Date of Notification date_of_notification Date of Notification The first day of contract performance Required for all agencies except HHS Date Date Format YYYY-MM-DD
Topic Code topic_code Topic Code The code or number for the topic or subtopic Yes Text 0-15 character
Award Year award_year Award Year The Fiscal year of the award Yes Dropdown 4 digit Federal Fiscal Year
Award Amount award_amount Award Amount Amount of the Award Yes Text in dollars, plain or formatted
DUNS duns DUNS Dunn and Bradstreet DUNS number No Text 9 numeric digits without any dash in the format XXXXXXXXX
HubZone Owned hubzone_owned Hubzone Owned Hubzone Owned Yes Radio 1 character: “Y” or “N” or “U” without quotes (U = Unavailable)
Socially and Economically Disadvantaged socially_economically_disadvantaged Socially and Economically Disadvantaged This field was previously known-as “Minority-Owned” Yes Radio 1 character: “Y” or “N” or “U” without quotes (U = Unavailable)
Women-Owned  women_owned Woman Owned At least 51% owned by women  Yes Radio 1 character: “Y” or “N” or “U” without quotes (U = Unavailable)
Number of Employees number_employees Number Employees Number Employees No Text whole number in the range of 0-500
Company Url company_url Company Website The URL for the company’s website No Text 0-255 Characters
Address 1 address1 Address1 Address1 Yes Text 1-80 characters
Address 2 address2 Address2 Address2 No Text 0-80 characters
City city City City Yes Text 1-40 characters
State state State State Yes Dropdown 2 characters and in the US Postal Service’s list of valid state codes
Zip zip Zip Zip Yes Text 5 numeric digits, or 9 numeric digits with hyphen after 5 digits
Research Area Keywords N/A Research Keywords A comma-separated list of technology research areas this submission can be associated No Text 0-255 characters
Abstract abstract Abstract Description of the award Yes Text Area any length except 0
N/A award_link N/A Award Link No Text 1-255 characters
US Flag An Official Website of the United States Government