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Frequently Asked Questions

Company Registry

What is the company registry?

The Company Registry is a new element of the SBIR/STTR data system and application process.  Once you have registered, your company will be given an SBIR/STTR ID number that you will use when applying to any SBIR/STTR agency solicitation.  SBA expects this to facilitate the application process and reduce the need for multiple data entry.

Who must register?

All applicants to the SBIR or STTR programs must register on the SBIR/STTR Company Registry.

If my company is already registered on SAM, do I also need to register on

Yes, company registration is required in addition to registration on SAM. We will not be rolling out a company registry that integrates with SAM at this time.

When should I register? For example, if a solicitation was issued before January 28, 2013, do I still need to complete the company registry?

Please register beginning 1/28/2013 and prior to your application submission. If the solicitation was issued before 1/28/2013, you do not need to register. You must register prior to submitting an application because you will be providing a copy of your registration to the agency, with your application.

What happens if we change our corporate structure and change our EIN or DUNS number, are we considered a new company or existing company?

If you change your corporate structure, EIN, or DUNS, you would add a new record to the already existing company for data and recordkeeping purposes.

What happens if I have technical questions as I’m registering my company?

Please send any questions you may have to our web form, and someone from our team will respond.

I’m having issues logging in, what should I do?

If you haven’t received your log in information, please make sure to check your spam folder. Once you receive your log in e-mail, please make sure to manually type in your assigned user name and password. Do not cut and paste because the formatting may change. Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after your username and password.Please note, if you try 3 times to log in and you’re unsuccessful, you will be locked out. In cases where you do get locked out or your username and password information is still not working, please feel free to send us an inquiry here. Make sure to mark “Login Issues” under the comment type.

What happens if information on my company profile is incorrect?

If your company information is listed incorrectly on the website, please send us an inquiry here and state specifically what the discrepancy is.

What is my SBC Control ID? / How do I get my registration PDF?

Step 1. Go to >> log into your SBIR.GOV user account.
Step 2. Click on Dashboard.
Step 3. Click 'Download SBC Registration (Proof of Registration/Certification)' from MY DOCUMENT BOX

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