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Information Management, Assessment, and Adaptive Learning


EA5 topics can include 1) data-driven learning and assessment using new sources of data for a personalized learning experience and the assessment and measurement of performance, 2) learning analytics tools to process and analyze data streams to modify learning goals and strategies in real time; 3) adaptive learning environments combined with assessments that provide alternative paths of instruction; 4) big data, searching, data mining, data analysis, intelligent agents, knowledge modeling, user models, mobile tools, and decision support systems that improve the understanding of teaching and learning to improve student performance, retention, and transfer in environments that may include one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships; and 5) collecting, analyzing, sharing, and managing data that promotes learning or leads to designed learning environments; 6) tools that build real-time information from datamining on complexity, diversity, and similar types of information to generate knowledge that can be used to revise curricula and teaching; 7) cloud-based services and applications that support collaboration, file storage, teacher and student productivity, data collection, data security, data privacy, and ubiquitous access to information in secure environments in an educational setting; and 8) tools that leverage new information management techniques to enable educational institutions to discern patterns in behavior, usage, and other analytics to guide education efforts and facility operations.

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