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Quantum Information Technologies


This subtopic focuses on innovations in emerging information technologies that rely fundamentally on quantum mechanical properties and interactions – sometimes referred to as "quantum 2.0" technologies. Typically such technologies generate, detect or manipulate quantum states in order to provide faster, more powerful or more efficient information processing.

Included in this subtopic are innovations at the component, sub-system and system level that result in substantial and usable improvements in the generation, transfer, detection or processing of information, or the security and privacy of information.

Proposals submitted to this subtopic must be aimed ultimately at commercialization, and should address the likely timeline to develop a minimum viable product or service. Enhancements to currently commercialized technologies are in general not appropriate for this subtopic and should instead be submitted to another more appropriate subtopic.

Examples of relevant technical fields include (but are not limited to): quantum key distribution; quantum cryptography; quantum repeaters; quantum networks; quantum network architecture; quantum memory; qubit generation and detection; entangled photon sources; quantum error correction; quantum information processing; quantum computing. This subtopic covers a wide range of technical sub-specialties, and these examples are intended only to be indicative.

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