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DLA Disposition Services Mobile Solutions for Property Photographs and Automatic Uploads to an Automated Information System (AIS)


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics, Information Systems, Materials/Processes

OBJECTIVE: To design, develop, and test a mobile application (app) that takes photos and automatically upload the photos into an existing website.

DESCRIPTION: DLA Disposition Service seeks mobile technologies/application development capabilities that can take property photos, attach an accurate property description, and automatically upload the photo(s) into an existing website via a mobile phone or other mobile device. The existing website displays information/data similarly to an e-commerce website, but the primary use is for the reutilization, transfer, and donation of property to warfighters. DLA Disposition Services’ current ability to perform these functions is outdated, laborious, and time consuming. DLA Disposition Service also seeks technologies to incorporate voice recognition and translation to text to ensure the accurate and complete description of property. DLA Disposition Services is also interested in utilizing mobile technologies to read/scan barcodes, voice to text technologies, optical character recognition (OCR) for text extraction, and converting images to documents. DLA Disposition Service also seeks photo technologies that utilize existing Wi-Fi and are capable of interfacing with DLA networks.

PHASE I: The applied research and development goals of Phase I is to leverage, develop, and test mobile solutions and application technology and develop test plans that will allow DLA Disposition Services the ability to quickly/easily take and modify photo(s), enter property descriptive data in an efficient manner, and automatically upload to an existing website. Limitations: due to data transfer limitations, photos cannot exceed 2.5 MB.

PHASE II: Based on the results achieved in Phase I, DLA Disposition Services will decide whether to continue the effort. The applied research and development goals of Phase II will be to conduct a wide-scale operational test and evaluation at several field locations to ensure the application works according to the objectives and test plans developed during Phase I. Phase II will ensure the successful interoperability and integration with DLA’s network, data, existing applications and systems. This phase will also confirm the mobile application is compliant with the current DOD Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), is 508 compliant, and complies with other mandatory information assurance policies/directives.

PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: At this point, no specific funding is associated with Phase III. The vendor will use its solution and quantifiable results to build a compelling business case where the agency may choose to pursue a sole source contract utilizing the technology developed through the Phase I and Phase II effort.

KEYWORDS: Information technology, e-commerce, property photographs, property photos, photo upload, camera, pictures, reutilize, transfer, donation



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