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Continuously Self-Leveling Weapons-Storage Support Structure



OBJECTIVE: Develop and demonstrate capability to continuously monitor and maintain an approximate 10 metric ton weapon support structure in a level state, while four (4) linear actuators cause it to ascend and descend. If not kept in a level state, binding and wear may result. 

DESCRIPTION: The Weapons Storage and Security System (WS3) is capable of securely storing weapons in an underground vault. The weapon support structure is elevated by four linear actuators (jackscrews). During ascent and descent of the weapon support structure it is required that the weapon support structure remain level. A continuously self-leveling capability is required. As the WS3 vault operates to lift the weapons payload out of the underground vault, or to lower the weapons payload into the underground vault, the weapon support structure (~ 10 metric tons) is caused to ascend and descend by the action of four linear actuators (jackscrews) -- one on each corner of the support structure. During operation it is possible for the support structure to depart from a level state by more than the desired 1 mm, resulting in binding and excessive wear between the jack-lifting-bodies and the jack stems. The WS3 Program Office requires a project that will conduct research and development on a dynamic, real-time, distance measurement with precision on the order of 1mm over relatively short distances (1/2 meter to 3 meters). This shall be met by modeling (Phase I), and that will culminate in a demonstration full scale prototype of a vault-weapon-support-structure self-leveling capability, with precision no more than 5 mm difference between actuators and objective of no more than 1 mm difference (Phase II). The prototype shall be demonstrated in a WS3 vault. 

PHASE I: Phase I shall produce a computer model that will demonstrate the approach and analyze the feasibility, precision, and sensitivity of the approach. The threshold for such a model is 5 mm difference in actuator level with an objective of 1 mm. 

PHASE II: Phase II shall produce a full scale working self-leveling system that shall be demonstrated in a WS3 vault. 

PHASE III: Commercial: Industrial condition that requires a self-leveling capability for massive loads supportedand caused to ascendand descend via 4 linear actuators (jackscrews). Military: WS3 requires self-leveling capability for the massive structure that liftsand lowers the payload inand out of the underground vault. 


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KEYWORDS: Jackscrew, Linear Actuator, Self-leveling, Weapon Support Structure, Weapons Storage And Security System (WS3), WS3 

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