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Chemicals and technologies pertaining to Carbon Dioxide and Methane


Proposed approaches could include novel chemical, catalytic, biochemical and/or biotechnological routes to achieving the industrial scale conversion of carbon dioxide and/or methane to useful commercial products/materials. Proposals of interest could seek to develop and commercialize processes for efficient carbon dioxide capture and its conversion to cost-competitive chemicals and materials resulting in net carbon sequestration on a life cycle analysis. Proposals of interest could also include those with catalytic process technologies for the conversion of methane (from natural gas, landfills, wastewater treatment, etc.) to industrial chemicals; novel catalytic or biochemical/bio-catalytic process technologies to directly convert captured carbon dioxide to methanol through non syngas routes, as well as novel technologies to convert methane directly to methanol and hydrocarbons and cost competitive chemicals (through non syngas routes). Other applications, including technologies addressing ways to reduce gas flaring, and applications for gas infrastructure (e.g. pipeline leak reduction) are also welcome.

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