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Food Technology


Proposals of interest could involve developing new production and manufacturing innovations in food processing and finished product production that focus on precision nutrition technologies to achieve enhanced nutrient bioavailability, bioefficacy and bioactivity, nutrient content, and quality and flavor in food products; food technology innovations involving novel process technology for sustainable production of new and existing food products; novel process designs, unit operations, separations, and purification approaches; upgrading food and agricultural waste to higher value products; process intensification innovations; technology for improved process monitoring and control, and sensing technologies for production quality and safety; innovations that conserve the food supply and lead to lower wastage in the supply chain from farm to consumer; sustainable packaging materials; intelligent/active/smart packaging for food safety and protection in the supply chain; real-time microbial contamination sensing and control, improvements in speed, reliability, and efficacy in the detection of contamination, adulteration, and chemical degradation; technologies to enhance process safety and sanitation; new materials and benign protective coatings for food processing, handling, and storage in industrial and domestic use; food ingredient traceability; real-time detection of chemical and microbiological hazards.

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