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Removal of PFOA/PFOS from Drinking Water


In 2012, EPA included six PFAS compounds, including PFOA and PFOS, among the contaminants that were monitored under the third Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule list.  Results of this monitoring can be found on the publicly-available National Contaminant Occurrence Database.

In 2016, EPA established a lifetime health advisory (LHA) level of 70 parts per trillion (ppt) for individual or combined concentrations of PFOA and PFOS in drinking water. This amount is equivalent to 0.07 parts per billion (ppb) or 0.07 micrograms/liter.

EPA would like to improve and advance processes, technologies, and treatment systems for the removal of the PFOA and PFOS families of PFAS from drinking water. As a result, EPA is interested in the following topic:

Topic Code 1A: Removal of PFOA/PFOS from Drinking Water. Innovative technologies that can remove PFOA and PFOS families of PFAS from drinking water. The technology should reduce the combined PFOA/PFOS concentration to below 0.07 ppb and be compatible with other water treatment processes, be affordable, and be easily used and maintained.

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