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Greener Exterior Construction Materials


Materials used in constructing the exterior of buildings wind up creating a large portion of the waste materials in the United States. These materials include concrete, wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Much of this material goes to landfills because they cannot be easily or cost-effectively re-cycled or reused. For example, nearly all polyvinyl chloride construction materials go to landfills. There is a need for greener materials that can be used in constructing the exterior of buildings. “Greener” considers the whole life cycle of the materials that are used.

With this in mind, EPA is interested in innovative technologies that address the following topic:

Topic Code 6B: Greener Exterior Construction Materials: Greener materials for use in constructing the exteriors of buildings. Compared with currently-used materials, these materials should be less toxic, stronger, more durable, longer lasting, lower weigh, lower in volume, easier to re-cycle and re-use, more biodegradable, and more affordable. The use of a life cycle perspective that embodies these and other related aspects is integral to this topic.

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