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Analysis, Identification, and Eradication of Mold Development in the Substance (Rations) Supply Chain



OBJECTIVE: Identify the root cause of mold development in the Rations Supply chain and analyze the results to develop a business case for eradication of the mold concerns. 

DESCRIPTION: The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) transports food from cold storage facilities to customers located around the world. Some of the pallets on which food is transported have been found to develop mold. This is a concern in terms of worker health and may lead to food contamination and spoilage. The root cause of mold development is unknown. Preliminary studies indicate certain warehouse and transportation conditions may be conducive to the growth of mold. DLA is seeking a comprehensive assessment of the problem, and to have a better understanding of its root causes. This will lead to solutions which minimize molding in the supply chain. 

PHASE I: The research and development goals of Phase I are to provide eligible small business research and development firms the opportunity to provide an in-depth study of the problem stated in the requirement. In this phase, firms will identify the subject supply chain, and demonstrate a proof of concept as part of the technical volume in the proposal. The Deliverables for this project will include a final report including a business case analysis with ranked courses of action. 

PHASE II: Based on the results achieved in Phase I, DLA Logistics Operations will decide whether to continue the effort based on the technical progress on the award. The research and development goals of Phase II are to implement one or more of the Course of Actions identified in the Phase I final report. The principals identified should extend to other commodity supply chains and distribution routes within the Subsistence Supply Chain. 

PHASE III: At this point, no specific funding is associated with Phase III. Progress made in PHASE I and PHASE II should result in the manufacturer’s qualification as an approved source of supply enabling participation in DLA procurements. COMMERCIALIZATION: The manufacturer will pursue dual commercialization of the various technologies and processes developed in prior phases as well as potential commercial sales of manufactured mechanical parts or other items. 


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KEYWORDS: Mold Development, Mold In The Subsistence Supply Chain, Mold Abatement 

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