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Reverse Engineering Technical Data Packages for P/N: BL5D-7.9A, NSN 6130-01-132-6975 (POWER SUPPLY)



OBJECTIVE: Improve product availability and increase competition through the performance of Reverse Engineering in the development of a technical data package to be submitted as a Source Approval Request (SAR). The normal expected result of reverse engineering is the creation of a technical data package suitable for manufacture of an item by new sources. Manufacturers interested in Reverse Engineering P/N: BL5D-7.9A, NSN 6130-01-132-6975 (POWER SUPPLY) to qualify as an Approved Source in future DLA procurements are required to demonstrate that they can competently manufacture the item. 

DESCRIPTION: The P/N: BL5D-7.9A, NSN 6130-01-132-6975 (POWER SUPPLY) is a power supply used in Keyboard Lighting Control Unit in Naval Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicles. The Input range of the power supply is 24-30 VDC, with an Output of 7.9 VDC, and 6.32 Amps. The Fuse input is set at 5 Amps Max. The LCAC is a class of air-cushion vehicle (hovercraft) used as landing craft by the United States Navy's Assault Craft Units. They transport weapons systems, equipment, cargo and personnel of the assault elements of the Marine Air/Ground Task Force both from ship to shore and across the beach. 

PHASE I: In this phase, the selected firm will borrow the part from the Engineering Support Activity (ESA). In addition, the firm should demonstrate measurable progress towards the submission of a technical data package (TDP) in accordance with the checklist included in the SAR guidance and submit for evaluation and acceptance. In some cases, the firm may assess where their existing manufacturing capability can be adapted to successfully produce P/N: BL5D-7.9A, NSN 6130-01-132-6975 (POWER SUPPLY) and provide that data and a business case for upgrading their processes in their final report. 

PHASE II: Based on the results achieved in Phase I, DLA Logistics Operations will decide whether to continue the effort based on the technical progress, potential for authorization to participate as an Approved Source, and feasibility of the manufacturer's business case. The research and development goal of Phase II is to achieve authorization to participate as an Approved Source for the specific NSN in future procurements. 

PHASE III: At this point, no specific funding is associated with Phase III. Progress made in PHASE I and PHASE II should result in the manufacturer’s qualification as an approved source of supply enabling participation in DLA procurements. COMMERCIALIZATION: The manufacturer will pursue dual commercialization of the various technologies and processes developed in prior phases as well as potential commercial sales of manufactured mechanical parts or other items. 


1: Source Approval Information


KEYWORDS: P/N: BL5D-79A, NSN 6130-01-132-6975, POWER SUPPLY, Naval Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) 

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