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8.2 Environmental Observations


8.2.1    Portable, fast, and intelligent phytoplankton species-identifier and counter

8.2.2    BOTTOM FEEDER a benthic data provider

8.2.3    Automating Bearing and Distance Measurements in Big-Eye 25 x 150 Binoculars and Recording/Saving Images

8.2.4    Improving Attachment Systems for Remotely-Deployed Cetacean Tags with External-Electronics

8.2.5    Low-cost Mooring Location Beacon for Coastal Applications

8.2.6    Next Generation Marine Visibility (FOG) Sensors 

8.2.7    Autonomous mapping of the Hypoxic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

8.2.8    Underkeel Clearance Management in support of Precision Navigation

8.2.9    Open water surface ROV for Bathymetry

8.2.10    Create the next generation national water level observation station

8.2.11    Clean energy source to power NOAA long-term observation and monitoring networks

8.2.12    Inexpensive, novel weather observing systems

8.2.13    Developing a cost effective air-deployed UAS for use in turbulent environments 


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