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Plant-Based Products and Sustainable Agricultural Innovations


CT11. Plant-Based Products and Sustainable Agricultural Innovations

Proposed projects may seek to develop novel technologies that allow for the more effective use of renewable forestry and agricultural feedstocks through biochemical, bioengineered, or green chemistry pathways for the production of plant and wood based industrial chemicals, cellulosic fibers, lignin-based materials, plastics from cellulose, packaging and building materials, coatings, sealants, elastomers, adhesives, etc. Crop protection technologies involving synthetic chemistry and biotechnology approaches; plant and agricultural biotechnology innovations that not only focus on productivity but also increase crop nutrient quality, bioavailability, nutrient content, storage stability, and shelf life; improved drought tolerance and resistance; precision agriculture innovations; crop, soil, environmental sensing, and monitoring technologies that improve agricultural crop management and productivity, reduce carbon foot print, and enhance the sustainability of silviculture/agricultural practices.

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