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EGS Architecture Support and Data Integration for Enhanced SSA


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Space Platforms 

OBJECTIVE: Integrate Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) data from different satellite ground systems into the Advanced Research Collaboration and Application Development Environment (ARCADE) to improve space vehicle awareness for Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) operators. Incorporate new de-commutation software techniques for satellite telemetry into current EGS architecture and publisher/subscriber design between ARCADE application and EGS. 

DESCRIPTION: Current satellite operating centers are highly stove-piped and have limited interoperability with other ground systems. Despite the silo nature of current satellite ground systems, all possess common capabilities: enterprise and mission management, flight dynamics, mission scheduling and engineering data processing. Despite the commonalities, these ground systems all have unique operating systems developed by different contractors. This results in many weaknesses and single points of failure from a cyber security, data standardization and data accessibility perspective. The USAF is moving away from this and towards a common architecture known as Enterprise Ground Services (EGS). One of the goals of EGS is to expose data to enable exploitation by applications and services. For this solicitation, the contractor should leverage a recently developed EGS software architecture to pull and integrate relevant satellite ‘state-of-health’ data into an application that can display the data and eventually couple into an ARACDE software tool. The contractor will concurrently provide telemetry de-commutation software and approaches that can integrate into the preprocessing stage found in the EGS architecture. ARCADE is a test-bed for innovation in the area of Space Situational Awareness (SSA) within the JSpOC. Providing the JSpOC with an application that integrates with previous Space Battle Management Command & Control (BMC2) Mission areas will enhance SSA. Aggregating diagnostic EGS data with robust tracking algorithms will give analysts more insight into an anomalous trajectory and help locate space assets. The availability of this data is inherent on the EGS preprocessor’s ability to de-commutate, process and store satellite telemetry within its databases. De-commutation preprocessor software integrated into the EGS architecture will help SMC accommodate for the many data formats satellites use given their inherent low transmission rates. Innovative approaches to de-commutation, including but not limited to, current value tables, data flow architecture (bit tagging of raw data), etc. are solicited. The developed application within ARCADE will subscribe to an EGS Message Queue (MQ) bus or any type of publisher/subscriber architecture the developer chooses. This will alert the application whenever new EGS data has been de-commutated, is available and different from legacy telemetry readings. The developer should handle satellite abnormality events currently dispatched by the EGS architecture and update the ARCADE application’s interface appropriately. The developer will include plans on how the application will plug in into other ARCADE software tools currently used by the JSpOC. This SBIR ties EGS architectural work into JMS mission applications currently being assessed in ARCADE. EGS architecture work, data consumption and the ARCADE application development under this SBIR should lead to enhanced SSA. Partnership with government EGS architecture developers and commercial satellite/owner operators are encouraged. 

PHASE I: Demonstrate a plan for application to subscribe to relevant vehicle diagnostic telemetry currently housed in a provided EGS database. A demonstration will show application pulling EGS data into the application as the EGS database is updated with different telemetry data for each unique satellite. Any anomalous events dispatched by EGS architecture will be handled accordingly in the software and will update application interface appropriately. A discussion on how application will integrate into current ARCADE software tools used to track current satellite trajectories will accompany demo. Along with this, a de-commutation telemetry software approach, to be included in the EGS architecture’s preprocessing stage, will be provided quarterly and a final report will accompany work. 

PHASE II: Demonstrate software integration with preexisting ARCADE tools that track satellites in orbit. De-commutation software design proposed will be prototyped, tested and integrated into EGS architecture. Software design will be provided for both the ARCADE application pulling and displaying EGS data and the publisher/subscriber relationship between EGS architecture and ARCADE application. The de-commutation implementation integrated into EGS preprocessor stage will also have software architectural details submitted. A final report will accompany work including case for continued ARCADE data subscription along with SMC/EGS support. 

PHASE III: Commercialization and partnership with government to refine architecture that standardizes and pulls EGS data from satellite operators. ARCADE application would update accordingly with appropriate diagnostic data as more satellite operating center data sets are merged into EGS database. 


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KEYWORDS: Enterprise Ground Services, ARCADE, JSpOC, Space Situational Awareness, De-commutation, Software Development 


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