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Reverse Engineering Technical Data Packages for Development of Alternate Sources of Supply for DLA Nuclear Enterprise Support Office (NESO) NSN: 3950-00-869-7362



OBJECTIVE: Improve product availability and increase competition through Reverse Engineering (RE) of a technical data package and the development of Source Approval Request (SAR) by small business manufacturers for National Stock Numbers (NSNs) without government provided technical data. Small Business will conduct reverse engineering resulting in technical data packages procurement and prototype as requested for rapid prototyping, manufacturing plan development, and production of items identified in this BAA. The intent is that participating small business manufacturers, once approved, will be responsive to future solicitations for these items as well as the development of additional SARs for technically related NSNs. 

DESCRIPTION: The DLA Nuclear Enterprise Support Office (NESO) was established to position the Agency to be fully responsive to the needs of the United States Air Force and U.S. Navy nuclear communities. The sole mission of the office is to synchronize DLA’s enterprise wide support to the nuclear enterprise and engage strategically with DLA customers. Through partnerships with the small business industrial base, the DLA will augment existing sources of supply to enhance product availability, competitive price as well as ensure effective logistics support to the nuclear enterprise. Reverse Engineering is the process by which parts are examined and analyzed to determine how they were manufactured, for the purpose of developing a complete technical data package. When drawings and/or other data covering the design, materials, etc. of the exact Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) product is not available to the procurement activity, manufacturers contact the Program Office with oversight of the part in question to request reverse engineering approval. The normal expected result of reverse engineering is the creation of a technical data package suitable for manufacture of an item by new sources. Manufacturers that are interested in pursuing RE to qualification as an Approved Source in future DLA procurements are required to demonstrate that they can competently manufacture the Critical/Weapon System Item/NSN. To qualify as an Approved Source, the onus is on the manufacturer to document and demonstrate their product is equal to or better, than the currently approved item which DLA is procuring utilizing the Source Approval Request (SAR) process. A SAR is a technical data package that is submitted by a contractor for review that meets the current technical requirements in getting their part approved so their company can become a source of supply. There is a Source Approval Request (SAR) Guide and templates as well as SAR Charts that explains in more detail the process as we need manufacturers help to break out from sole source status. The guide, charts, checklists, and templates can be found via the internet at the referenced link 1. Participating firms must have a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code and be Joint Certification Program (JCP) certified in order to access technical data if available. Refer to link 2 below for further information on JCP certification. All available documents and drawings are located in the C Folder location “SBIR181NSNS”. Participating Small Businesses will need to create a DIBBS account to view all data and requirements in C Folders. In order to access C Folders, participating firms must have a valid account in DLA’s Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) in order to receive a password to C Folders. Refer to links 3 and 4 below for further information on DIBBS and C Folders. 

PHASE I: The innovation goals of Phase I are to provide Small Business eligible manufacturing sources an opportunity to qualify as an Approved Source for Critical/Weapon System Items/NSNs specifically identified in this BAA. In this phase, manufacturers should demonstrate measureable progress towards the submission of a technical data package resulting from the RE effort. In addition, it is highly recommended that manufacturers and engineers critically analyze the component to be produced for the potential to reduce costs, extend lifecycle, and improve the quality of the component. The culmination of this research will provide the basis for a business case for the final report. In this phase, manufacturers will pursue Engineering Support Activity (ESA) SAR approval. The list of NESO Items and associated details have been selected to develop competition through the submission of Source Approval Requests (SAR’s). The list of NSNs contains NSNs with an Annual Demand Value (ADV) >$10K currently sourced with fewer than two (2) manufacturers. 1. NSN: 3950-00-869-7362 Part Name: Winch, Drum, Hand Operated DLA Supply Chain: DLA C&E Weapon System: ICBM Part Description: This goes on the Hoisting Unit, Hydraulic Pusher. 

PHASE II: Based on the results achieved in Phase I, DLA NESO will decide whether to continue the effort based on the technical progress, potential for authorization to participate as an Approved Source, and feasibility of the manufacturer’s business case. The goal of Phase II is to achieve authorization to participate as an Approved Source for the specific NSN in future procurements. 

PHASE III: At this point, no specific funding is associated with Phase III. Progress made in PHASE I and PHASE II should result in the manufacturer’s qualification as an approved source of supply enabling participation in DLA procurements. COMMERCIALIZATION: The manufacturer will pursue commercialization of the various technologies and processes developed in prior phases through participation in future DLA procurements for items identified with this BAA. 


1: DLA Small Business Resources:

2:  2. JCP Certification:

3:  Access the web address for DIBBS at

4:  Log into c-Folders. ...query solicitation SBIR181NSNS

KEYWORDS: Hand Operated Winch, Drum 


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