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Hyper-Velocity Projectile (HVP) Warhead Optimization for Lethality



OBJECTIVE: Design and develop a next generation HVP warhead to maximize warhead effectiveness/lethality against Ballistic Missile Re-entry Vehicles (BMRVs). 

DESCRIPTION: Seek innovative payload designs for maximizing HVP warhead effectiveness/lethality using non-Hit-to-Kill warhead technology without adding supplementary sensors. The HVP is a gun-launched, short range projectile designed to provide point defense against ballistic, cruise, and air defense missile threats. The government is interested in next generation HVP warhead design/payload concepts for a notional 120 mm diameter projectile. Concepts should be scalable and be able to survive a minimum of a 30,000g gun environment. 

PHASE I: Identify and examine one or more warhead concepts within the provided parameter constraints of the HVP warhead. Risk reduction experiments and proof-of-concept demonstrations are highly encouraged. Provide a preliminary design and an assessment of warhead effectiveness/lethality against generic threats. The performer is also strongly encouraged to collaborate with HVP vendors to ensure the applicability of the warhead technology and to initiate work towards technology transition. 

PHASE II: Provide a detailed design of the prototype warhead to include an assessment of effectiveness/lethality against specific threats. Fabricate a prototype unit and test performance in representative environments. Test results should anchor models for predicting warhead performance in the operating environment against specific threats. Conduct an initial assessment of economic viability. Continue to collaborate with HVP vendors with the overall objective of commercializing the warhead in Phase III. 

PHASE III: Conduct engineering and manufacturing development, test and evaluation and hardware qualification. Develop warhead payload(s) and test in a flight representative environment. Transition the warhead to HVP vendor(s) for system integration and testing. 



2:  R. O’Rourke. June 2017. "Navy Lasers, Railgun, and Hypervelocity Projectile: Background and Issues for Congress." Congressional Research Service.

KEYWORDS: Hypervelocity Projectile, Lethality, Warhead, Hypervelocity Gun Weapon System 


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