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Wide bandgap, bi-directional, high voltage DC-DC converter


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics 

OBJECTIVE: Design a bi-directional power converter that uses wide band gap technology for connecting high voltage sources and loads to MIL-PRF-GCS600A compliant power busses capable of operating on all military ground vehicles. 

DESCRIPTION: In the next generation combat vehicles where high voltage systems are being used it is necessary to incorporate power conversion devices that connect energy storage devices and power supplies to MIL-PRF-GCS600A compliant power busses. The high power demand, limited space, weight restrictions and thermal signature requirements makes it necessary to use wide bandgap semiconductor technology to achieve the desired power density and efficiency. The electrical power conversion device must account for safety, efficiency, configurability, CAN control, integration, and robust stable operation. The solution would have the processing power necessary for fault handling capabilities in a compact device suitable for use in military ground vehicle applications. The chosen cooling medium of 105C liquid coolant requires advanced technologies such as wide bandgap power electronics to meet performance requirements. The electrical power conversion device would have two power interfaces. Power interface 1 would operate over a range from 250VDC to 635VDC. Power Interface 2 would operate over a range from 565VDC to 635VDC as specified by MIL-PRF-GCS600A. The device would operate over the full voltage range with a minimum current handling capability of 50 amps on power interface 2. The proposed device should be designed for implementation in a modular fashion with like devices in parallel to facilitate integration into scalable power architectures. 

PHASE I: Develop a proof of concept circuit for an advanced power converter that addresses the features and functionality described above. This preliminary design will also include a packaging plan with SWaP, thermal analysis and considerations for meeting MIL-PRF-GCS600A, MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-1275E, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461 supported by modeling, analysis, and/or brassboard proofs of concept, all to be provided. 

PHASE II: Electrical, thermal, mechanical, and functional aspects of a high VDC power converter solution will be designed, developed, and built. Demonstration and technology evaluation will take place in a relevant laboratory environment or on a military ground vehicle system. Phase II will reach at least TRL 5 and commercial viability will be quantified. 

PHASE III: Mechanical packaging and integration of the solution into a vehicle with high VDC power buses will be achieved (TRL6) and a technology transition will occur so the device can be used in military ground vehicle applications. 



2:  MIL-STD-1275E

3:  MIL-STD-704F

4:  MIL-STD-810G

5:  MIL-STD-461


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