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Techniques for Real-time Hypervelocity Projectile fly-out Generation and Optimization


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Info Systems, Battlespace 

OBJECTIVE: Develop innovative battle management techniques to generate Hypervelocity Projectile (HVP) fly-out trajectories in real time based on threat information for a higher probability of engagement success. 

DESCRIPTION: Seek real-time closed-loop HVP fly-out trajectory generation and optimization methods based on real-time threat data inputs. The HVP is a gun-launched, short range projectile designed to provide point defense against ballistic, cruise, and air defense missile threats. Since each of these types of missile threats have significantly differing flight-profiles, it is desirable to calculate or adjust HVP fly-out trajectories in real time to take advantage of the differences in threat trajectories. 

PHASE I: Develop and demonstrate proof of principle techniques and/or methodology for real-time trajectory generation and updates based on threat information. Design approaches should be modular to facilitate integration, scalability, upgrades, and maintenance. Provide a description of the technique(s) and the performance against conceptual threats. 

PHASE II: Refine and update concept(s) based on Phase I results and demonstrate the impacts of threat foreknowledge and real-time tracks/measurements on HVP fly-out trajectory calculations. Demonstrate performance in a representative hardware-in-the-loop environment. Provide a detailed design, concept of operations, and assessment of engagement improvement against specific threats. 

PHASE III: Demonstrate the new technologies via operation as part of a complete system or operation in a system-level testbed to allow for testing and evaluation in realistic scenarios. Market technologies developed under this solicitation to relevant government entities directly and/or transition them through vendors. 


1: R. O’Rourke. June 2017. "Navy Lasers, Railgun, and Hypervelocity Projectile: Background and Issues for Congress." Congressional Research Service.


KEYWORDS: Hypervelocity Gun Weapon System, Hypervelocity Projectile, Fly-Out, Trajectory, Real-Time, Generation 


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