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Air Vehicle Technology


Focus Area 18: Air Vehicle Technology


Participating MD(s): STTR


This focus area includes tools and technologies that contribute to meeting metrics derived from a definitive set of Technical Challenges responsive to the goals of the National Aeronautics Research and Development (R&D) Policy and Plan, the National Aeronautics R&D Test and Evaluation (T&E) Infrastructure Plan (2011), and the NASA Aeronautics Strategic Implementation Plan (2017). In 2012 ARMD introduced more focused solicitations by rotating some of the subtopics every other year. The reduction in the scope of some of our solicitations does not imply a change in interest in a given year. For example, in 2014 we solicited proposals for quiet performance with an emphasis on propulsion noise reduction technology, then in 2015 we focused our quiet performance subtopic on airframe noise reduction. In 2016, we returned to quiet performance – propulsion noise reduction technology.

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