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Additive Manufacturing Components & Systems


Additive Manufacturing is the construction of complex three-dimensional parts from 3D digital model data by depositing successive layers of material. Innovations in materials, processes or machines that permit manufacturing through a layering process, including 3D/4D printing, to achieve fabrication of a range of products and the use of metal, polymer, ceramic, and biological materials to manufacture parts of a geometry that cannot be produced by any other manufacturing technology including near net shape products
Proposals that permit the manufacturing of complex multi-material, multi-scale and/or multi-functional products and services for superior performance and productivity are especially encouraged. This topic includes, but is not limited to, 3D printing, layered object manufacturing, selective laser sintering, selective laser melting, LENS, stereolithography, and fused deposition modeling.

Emerging areas in three-dimensional printing of complex biological structures for biological and medical applications such as tissue engineering, cognitive technologies, and the study of biomolecular function with the goal of societal benefit and improvement of human potential will also be considered.

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