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Education & Training for the Emerging Fourth Sector Eco-system


Numerous studies point to an increasing demand among majority of people, in various capacities, to align their economic choices with their values. This need to fundamentally upgrade our outdated and unsustainable economic systems to meet today’s challenges has led to number of pioneering efforts that are disrupting the boundaries that separate the traditional public, private, and social sectors, and giving rise to a new, fourth sector of the economy. This rapidly growing fourth sector combines the institutional logics of the traditional three sectors, and use market-based approaches and private capital to solve the world’s most urgent social and environmental problems. Like nonprofits and governmental agencies, the fourth sector enterprises pursue a wide range of social and environmental objectives as their primary purpose. Like for-profits, they primarily earn their revenues by selling a broad range of products and services that improve quality of life for consumers, create jobs, and contribute to the economy. Proposals are invited that innovatively disseminate fourth sector concepts and know-how through creative and scalable educational and training platforms that would support a robust fourth sector ecosystem.

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