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Robotic Applications


Proposals addressing robot intelligence and experiential learning, particularly those in the areas of high-performance processors/hardware to provide situational awareness, and improved artificial intelligence, are welcome. Innovations in voice, obstacle and image recognition, emotional response, and eye-hand coordination are encouraged. Proposals describing projects that borrow features from other animal nervous systems and include biologists, neuroscientists, and/or psychologists on their team in order to exploit new knowledge in the study of the brain and behavior, are encouraged.
Proposals involving robotics and intelligent machines having complex, human-like behavior for applications such as the protection of critical infrastructure or the monitoring of the environment while using mobile technologies and sensor networks, are sought. Innovations in areas such as improved time imaging, visualization, deep learning, neuromorphic computing, bio-robotics, brainOS, brain-on-a-chip; brain-computer interfaces; artificial synapses; human-robot interaction, dexterity and manipulation, anthropomorphic (human-shaped) robots, naturally inspired, biomimetic, neuromechanical robotics, haptic, real-time and bio-inspired feedback are also welcome. Other applications, including (but not limited to) precision agriculture; real-time operating systems; self-driving vehicles; wearable computers; self-charging and repairing drones; on-demand multipurpose autonomous taxis; security drones: chaperone, security guards, policing; on-demand garbage collection; and door-to-door deliveries are also appropriate.

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