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Information Technologies (IT)


Information technology is increasingly impacting almost every aspect of our lives, from communicating with friends and family to manufacturing of the products we use, the efficient supply of food, the provision of healthcare services, and the performance of financial markets and our nation's economy.
The past decade has seen explosive growth in the generation of data and the creation of usable information from that data. This growth is expected to accelerate into the foreseeable future, fueled in part by the increasing interconnectedness of the products and services that we use.
This topic encourages the submission of proposals that present ground-breaking innovations in the generation, analysis, use, transmission or protection of information, where such innovations offer the potential for substantial commercial returns and a positive impact on society and the world in which we live. The subtopics below provide specific examples of technologies and applications, although given the enormous range and diversity in the field of IT these examples are inevitably incomplete. Proposals are encouraged under any of the specific subtopics IT1 to IT13. Proposals that do not fit these subtopics can be submitted under the subtopic "IT14: Other"

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