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Ultra Low Outgassing, Focusing, and Hard Seal Capable Materials for HPM Radomes



OBJECTIVE: Propose utilizing thin-film deposition and characterization capabilities to develop innovative impedance matching coatings for improved RF transmission through radomes by minimizing surface reflection. Implement Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for HPM radomes (Low Reflection In-Band, Significant Out of Band Rejection) and investigate the possibility of focusing the RF beam with new innovative impedance matching coatings. 

DESCRIPTION: Substantial reflection off the radome can create a hazard for the HPEM generators, leading to signal loss, cavity detuning and device instability, preventing them from functioning at their designed limits. Maintaining vacuum is further complicated by outgassing that occurs from structural and radome materials. 

PHASE I: Create predictions of the extent of performance enhancement based on the electromagnetic properties of new materials and radome structures. The impact of the radome on antenna performance; including gain reduction, beam steering error, and sidelobe level increase will be analyzed using numerical or analytical methods. 

PHASE II: Use design data and specifications to guide materials development for HPEM emitter radomes. Perform real-world evaluations of radome materials in close proximity to the RF sources. verify beam focusing. 

PHASE III: Explore potential to transfer the technology to military high power electromagnetic and radar systems as well as civilian communication systems. Work with DoD primes and industry partners to identify other applications for the technology. 


1: High Power Microwaves, Third Edition By James Benford, John A. Swegle, Edl Schamiloglu

2:  Frequency Selective Surfaces: Theory and Design by Ben A Munk, ISBN 978-0-471-37047-5, published by Wiley, April 2000.

KEYWORDS: HPM, HPRF, Radome, Frequency Selective Surfaces, FSS, Metamaterials, Microwave Lensing, Low Outgassing, Sealed Tube, Hard Tube 


Timothy Wolfe (AFRL/RDHE) 

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