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Technologies Using NOAA Big Data Project Datasets


NOAA’s Big Data Project (BDP) began nearly three years ago with the goal of facilitating public use of key NOAA environmental datasets in the Cloud.  By placing the data into the cloud and allowing users to do analyses of data and extract information without having to transfer and store these massive datasets themselves, the NOAA Big Data Project is creating massive opportunities for small companies to create new and innovative products and services for commercial sales.


In 2019, we are offering U.S. small businesses the additional opportunity of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to enable the creation of commercial

products and services using these datasets.  The datasets are available through different Cloud platforms.  Information on what datasets are on what platform can be found here:  NOAA will continue to maintain these datasets on these platforms after the Big Data Project has concluded and the data will be freely available through NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) as well.


Applications in this subtopic might include activities that enable the development of one or more commercial product(s) that advance NOAA's mission areas identified in the main research topics under Section 9 of this NOFO (ie. Aquaculture, Recreational and Commercial Fisheries, etc). Applications should include capabilities above and beyond the original data to be of commercial value and interest to the public, industry, or both. Please also provide letters of support for any strategic partnerships you may be able to apply to the venture to ensure success.    



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