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Mapping and Imagery of Seafloor and the Deep Ocean


Understanding the seafloor and associated habitat is critical for informed management of ocean resources.  High resolution bathymetric maps, imagery and associated environmental data are fundamental datasets that contribute to this understanding. Current technological challenges are collecting high resolution mapping data in the deep ocean in cost effective way as well as the extraction of detailed ecological information in rough terrain such as rocks and corals and which can be used to detect changes in the environment.


Applications in this subtopic might include technologies or activities that expand NOAA’s seafloor mapping and habitat characterization capability by utilizing advances in both acoustic and optical sensors, systems, and computing to produce useable baseline maps and characterizations over large areas and in high resolution.  While not required, areas of interest include not only new ideas for data collection but procedures for effective data analysis, management, and visualization; including formatting, quality control, display, accessibility, and transferability of data.

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