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Human Research and Health Maintenance


"NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) investigates and mitigates the highest risks to astronaut health and performance for exploration missions. The goal of the HRP is to enable space exploration beyond low earth orbit by reducing the risks to human health and performance through a focused program of basic, applied and operational research leading to the development and delivery of·Human health, performance, and habitability standards·Countermeasures and other risk mitigation solutions, and·Advanced habitability and medical support technologies.HRP has developed an Integrated Research Plan (IRP) to describe the requirements and notional approach to understanding and reducing the human health and performance risks. The IRP describes the Program’s research activities that are intended to address the needs of human space exploration and serve HRP customers. The Human Research Roadmap ( is a web-based version of the IRP that allows users to search HRP risks, gaps, and tasks.The HRP is organized into several research Elements:• Human Health Countermeasures• Human Factors and Behavioral Performance• Exploration Medical Capability• Space RadiationEach of the HRP Elements address a subset of the risks. A fifth Element, ISS Medical Projects (ISSMP), is responsible for the implementation of the research on various space and ground analog platforms. HRP subtopics are aligned with the Elements and solicit technologies identified in their respective research plans."
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