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8.2.9 Open Water Surface ROV for Bathymetry


Summary: In our damage assessment work, we have need for shallow water (could be <1m) bathymetric characterizations at centimeter accuracy (i.e., survey grade GPS) in open coastal waters. Currently, this work is performed by hand with staff in the water towing an instrument raft behind. This is highly inefficient, and not infrequently, depending on site conditions this can be an impossible task for snorkelers. We have investigated the market place for a more efficient solution, but have not found a costeffective solution that meets our demands.


Project Goals: The project goal is to design a remote controlled ROV hardware and software package to carry an integrated instrument package for bathymetry, capable of operating on the surface in open coastal waters. The instrument package would minimally combine a data logger, GPS, and depth sounder. The ROV should be able to operate in seas up to 1-2 feet. The depth sounder should produce data in waters as shallow as 1-2 feet. The GPS must be survey grade accuracy, and should receive GLONASS satellites. The data logger should integrate all data streams into a single record with 1 sec or less logging frequency. Optimally, the remote control unit would provide realtime feedback to the operator. Better still, the unit could be preprogrammed to operate within a given survey box. Data should be easily downloadable and exportable to desktop PCs for GIS processing.

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