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High Sensitivity Miniaturized Gun-hardened Aeroballistic and Geolocation Sensor Technology


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics 

OBJECTIVE: Design and develop a precise gun-hardened miniature electronics sensor suite to provide precise position, acceleration, and velocity. 

DESCRIPTION: The US Army is in need of an on-board munition sensor package suite that provides the measurement capabilities of a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, and a three-axis magnetometer. This innovative solution should have a footprint of 20mm x 20mm. The sensor package suite must be capable of surviving a minimum of 20,000 Gs. If the proposed solution relies on an external battery, the sensor package must operate on 3.7 volts with a maximum power consumption of 45 watts. A solution with a 20-year shelf life, EMI resistance, and compatibility with military operating and storage conditions is desired. 

PHASE I: The contractor shall investigate the feasibility of development of the sensor package and provide a trade-off analysis for the desired measurement capabilities, form factor, cost, and shelf life. The trade-off analysis must include alternate sensor specifications as well as any possible additions to the package for operational improvements. A preliminary sensor package design must be completed by the conclusion of phase I. 

PHASE II: The contractor shall provide the final design of two possible sensor packages based upon the outcome of Phase I along with input from US government. The final designs components that can be readily manufactured. After final designs have been agreed upon, one prototype of the fully assembled board for each design will be delivered for testing at a US government lab. Manufacturing partners should be engaged early in the phase II process to ensure manufacturability and to shorten the timeline for fielding. 

PHASE III: Four fully assembled boards will be provided to USG for final testing and verification. The final product will be based upon input from initial test results provided by USG to contractor from Phase II. The contractor will update the board layout and form factor based upon results from Phase II and government requirements for size. A final TDP package must also be delivered to the government as closeout of this phase. 


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KEYWORDS: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Sensor Package, Electronics 

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