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Database Optimization Tool



OBJECTIVE: Develop an optimized Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (Doors) Database Tool. 

DESCRIPTION: This topic seeks to develop a DOORS Database tool that will optimize the Computer Program Change Requests (CPCRs) and missile defense Test Incident Reports (TIRs) list by component software area. Maximize CPCR & TIR implementation at the lowest system impact, cost, and schedule to include Software Lines of Code (SLOC) count. Currently there is not a unified method to analyze CPCRs and TIRs for applicability to group work packages. The impact (cost, baseline control, and ship implementation) of opening up a software code package (specific to the hardware where the software resides) for insertion of new and repair code fixes precludes frequent implementation; usually once a year at most. Due to the complex nature of the weapon system code, manual sorting and evaluation frequently misses opportunities to insert CPCR and TIR fixes. An automated process is needed to avoid missing code fixes. 

PHASE I: Develop a proof of concept design. Identify designs and conduct a feasibility assessment for the proposed solution. Perform analysis to demonstrate the concept and to provide an understanding of the new and innovative technology. 

PHASE II: Develop and refine the proposed solution based on the results and findings of Phase I. Validate the feasibility of the Phase I concept by development and demonstrations that will be tested to ensure performance objectives are met. Validation would include, but not be limited to, system simulations, operation in test-beds, or operation in a demonstration subsystem. The Phase II effort should result in a prototype with substantial commercialization potential. 

PHASE III: Based on Phase II lessons learned, revise the systems model to prove out the new design. Develop and execute a Phase III incremental test and integration plan that will produce a final prototype. 





KEYWORDS: DOORS Database, Optimization Tool 

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