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Food Science, and Nutrition


The Food Science and Nutrition topic area aims to fund projects that support research focusing on developing new and improved processes, technologies, or services that address emerging food safety, food processing and nutrition issues. The program will fund projects to: 1) increase the understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of food; 2) improve methods for the processing and packaging of food products to improve the quality, safety and nutritional value of foods, and to reduce food waste; 3) develop technologies for rapid and sensitive detection of pathogens and toxins in foods, and 4) develop programs or products that increase the consumption of healthy foods and reduce obesity, or alleviate urban and rural food deserts. The outcome of a successful project is a proof of concept for a marketable product or patented process. The long-term goals (10 years) of the program are to commercialize the production of useful new food products, processes, materials, and systems that reduce foodborne illness, obesity, enhance the nutritional quality and value of foods and/or bridge socioeconomic gaps in access to healthy foods.
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