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Integrated Radar and Electronic Surveillance (ES) system


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics, 

OBJECTIVE: Design and prototype a combined radar and ES system to detect, track, and identify UAS’s to be integrated with a weapon system. The system should be able to detect and track a UAS system using a radar and then transition to an ES mode at a much higher bandwidth to determine the UAS link characteristics to be able to correctly identify the threat. The system should be able to interleave both ES and Radar dwells as well as have a large enough bandwidth to accommodate all UAS bands. 

DESCRIPTION: The combined Radar and ES system will help determine intent of UAS for site protection. Both ES and Radar systems can provide unique attributes of a UAS system to the operator. Radars are able to detect and track multiple UAS systems in order to provide a precise 3D location of the UAS system. ES systems can determine UAS transmitter characteristics in order to correctly identify the UAS system and also detect intercommunication between two UASs. Hence, the combined ES and Radar system will provide the operator with the necessary situational awareness of the UAS’s that are around the protected site. In addition, having one integrated system vs multiple systems integrated together will shrink the kill chain time line. 

PHASE I: Investigate innovative methodologies and design concepts that can achieve the criteria for the system listed above. Develop design documents for the potential implementation of the system. Demonstrate a proof of principle of the design using simulated environment for a simple UAS system. 

PHASE II: Further design, develop and demonstrate a prototype capability that meets the following objectives – (1) Develop hardware and software that is able to operate as both a radar and ES system. (2) Detect and track a UAS system and interleave both radar and ES dwells to gather information on the UAS system and intercommunication between two. 

PHASE III: Demonstration of full up radar and ES system that can track and identify multiple UAS systems. Also develop signal processing algorithms to extract additional information from the UAS system. 



KEYWORDS: UAS, Radar, ES, Bandwidth, Systems, Detection, Tracking 

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